It's real (23)

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"If he makes you laugh, kisses your forehead, says he's sorry, makes an effort, holds your hand, works hard, attempts to understand you... then, believe it or not; he's quite perfect."


I woke up wrapped in a bundle of heat. My body felt overly warm. My legs were tangled with another pair. Strong muscular arms surrounded my tiny frame, pressing me deeper into the source of warmth.

Feather light kisses get placed all over my face, making me squirm in the arms and quietly whimper in glee.

A soft smile escapes my lips. I snuggle closer to the warmth, gaining a soft growl from beneath me. One more kiss gets placed on the corner of my lips, teasing me softly in the most pleasurable way. Making me crave for more, so much more.

"Good morning, my beautiful princess", Mason chuckles deeply in a sexy morning voice. It was hoarse, on the husky side, leaving me thirsty.

He pecks my lips one more time, tracing a line from my mouth to my cheek and back.

I feel my cheek burning up and my heart razing through my chest. I would want to cover my face with my hands, but it's impossible. His arms engulf me wholly, holding me in place.

Yesterday... I've said I liked him. It seems so long ago. My heart immediately melts by the memory.

I push my head a bit up, leaning on my elbows so I could look straight into his lovely metallic grey pair.

His dark brown hair was a bit messy from just waking up, but he still managed to look attractive as hell. Everything about him was appealing in so many ways.

His metallic grey eyes grew with warmth, melting with my green pair. He watched me in a soft loving gaze, holding me tightly in his arms, afraid I'll disappear in thin air.

     He looks beyond divine.

    "It feels like a dream, like I'm on cloud nine", he whispers softly, cupping my crimson cheeks in his hand, rubbing round motions on my bright red cheek with his thumb.

"Please tell me if it's real, princess", he breathes out. His handsome face coming closer and closer. His fresh minty breath fans over my face. It smelled mouthwatering good.

I then remembered something really important...

    My morning breath!

I immediately wiggle out of his hold, making him loosen his grip out of confusion. Me being me does it too fast and rough, scooting off bed.

I fall out, landing on my bump with a loud 'hump'. Mason immediately rolls over to the edge of the bed, examining me if I'm alright. I could feel his worried and hurt gaze burn through my head.

I think I've kind of ruined the moment.


   My bad.

I sit straight up, rubbing my aching bump. There surely will be a black bruise tomorrow.

"Princess, why did you jump out of bed? You could get hurt", Mason states, eying me with a confused face.

"Excitement?", I reply nervously. I literally want to choke myself. Everyone could see right through my lie.

Mason eyes me suspiciously, knowing about my poor lie.

     "Well, actually it is...", I stand up on my feet, looking down.

    "My morning breath", I blurt out before quickly running to the bathroom with a face redder than that time on the beach with my aunt and Liz.

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