Spooky spook (13)

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"Even devil, ghosts, monsters and witches are less dangerous than fake human beings."


31st October - 7pm - New York, Mason's and Faye's gigantic villa

A month has passed by since every single lie has been revealed and nothing but the truth stands in our relationship.

There was nothing to worry about, nothing on my heart, no freaking mission. Just him and me.

      Husband and wife.

Only a couple of people know about the pregnancy: Mason's family, my aunt and uncle and Nathan. Other than that we've kept everything to ourselves.

The news about the wedding is still all over the news, we can't go anywhere without being followed by some creepy paparazzi who tries to question us.

We've decided to let the news about the pregnancy out when everything has calmed down, no more raging rumours and ecstatic paparazzi.

It's the 31st October... Halloween. The most creepy time of the year.

I've been busy decorating our house for a month into the fall/ spooky style, knowing well that I will change the decoration the next day to Christmas ones.

My initial plan today was to hold a scary movie marathon with the lads, but Mason had other plans.... so basically I've been decorating the house for nothing. No one has seen it except the guards. I kind of forced them to help me carve pumpkins. We had a great time!!

I mean... I had a great time, the guards were all aloof and indifferent, but I'm sure they all secretly enjoyed it.


Every single year all the rich people around the world gather to the Halloween Gala. A fancy gala only the most elite people can attend, it's one of the biggest events in the whole world. Every single person from pleb to bourgeois talks about it for days, rumours spread over the internet about who will or won't attend.

This makes or breaks someone's reputation. Being invited means you're an elite and are a part of the upper class world, not being invited means you're not even worth of mentioning. It could mean the end of your reputation, cancelled.

This is how this toxic rich people world works.

The invitation alone is grandiose and flamboyant. A whole circus stood in front of the gates of our entrance last week. A spectacle played in front of our eyes before two golden tickets got handed to us.

Mason doesn't really care about being cancelled or not. He was so aloof about his popularity... but he keeps attending it yearly, because of the person who organises this gala.

I remember Mason attending the Gala last year before we lived together and all the misery went down. I didn't pay much attention, but the headlines were all about him being dressed in a normal suite and he was still the best looking! All the other people had a costume on aligned with last year's theme.

This year's theme is 'heaven versus hell', the internet has been speculating wether Mason is going to wear a costume or just be plain like every year well....

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