Family diner (26)

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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose."


      "Stop leaning on me!", I huff out, walking inside the mansion with a clingy Mason leaning his full weight on my back.

Mason had his chest pressed to my back while wrapping his arms tightly around my neck. His head was resting on my left shoulder, leaning his whole weight on me. The heat of his warmth radiating over my whole back, made me feel his presence even better. His warmth always reminded me that he was here. I could feel it from miles away, but if it's literally in contact with me...

    Well, I'm sweating like a pig.

I needed to pull his lazy ass all the way from his garage to the mansion. His only excuse was that he was 'too tired' from the meeting. He is heavy as hell, may I add.

My poor back!

What a miracle that it isn't broken, yet.

We just came back from his office as every other day. It was a habit to come back together and do our usual stuff as movie nights or making a puzzle. Everyone hates puzzling with me, because I don't really have the patience for it, but Mason seems to be amused whenever he sees my irritating scowl. Nathan, my aunt and Liz would probably ask why I like puzzling.

    Puzzling is cool, okay!

    "I swear for bubble gum's sake, Mason. Get your ass off me! You are batshit heavy", I demand, trying to sound stern and angry, but fail miserably. I rather sound like a 5 year old girl, scolding her dog.

    "But I'm tired after this loooooong day. The meeting was so boring", Mason whines like a little kid, making a small smile escape my lips. I could feel his pout against my shoulder.

This 24 year old man who acts like a toddler is the richest billionaire on earth...

Unbelievable, right?

    "Then you better go to sleep, big boy, so you can rest. Tomorrow is Sunday. You can sleep through the whole day if you want", I reply like the attentive assista- I mean 'girlfriend' I am.

It's still so weird to think about him as my 'boyfriend', better said fake boyfriend, but he doesn't need to know that.... yet. Mason adores to address me as his girlfriend. It seems like every occasion he gets he will tell me how lucky of a guy he is to have a relationship with me.

Doesn't it have to be the other way around?

I hear him grumble softly against my shoulder, rubbing his forehead on it, making his soft brown locks tickle my neck. A soft giggle escapes my lips.

"Okay, come to bed too, princess. I couldn't fall asleep yesterday till you came to sleep", he states in his deep, velvety voice. His minty breath fanning over my neck, making me shiver in delight. He places a tender kiss on my throat. His warm marble lips connect with the flesh of my throat, making me shudder in delight.

Yesterday I went to 'visit' Nathan till late at night. I sternly instructed Mason to already be in bed by the time I get home, because he had a meeting in the early morning that he couldn't miss. If I don't see him in bed then he would get a furious Faye who will scold him till his ears start to bleed.

Speaking about Nathan. That drama llama and Mason finally get along. I get the feeling that Mason likes him a bit more... well... I mean...

    Let's say that he doesn't want to choke him to death anymore.

    I call that a BIG improvement.

Nathan seems to want to hang out with me more and more. I got a bit suspicious about it. My nose is reeking something really fishy, but I can't lay my hand on it yet.

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