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"Mood stabilizers?" I said.

Derwin didn't look at me. Instead he stared at the floor.

"Yeah. I... I'm bipolar." He said.


Everything seemed to get quiet. No more birds chirping, no more leaves rustling in the wind, I'm not even sure I could hear anything except my own heart beating. How could I have not known? How come he didn't tell me?

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" I asked.

"Because you wouldn't understand. Everyone treats me differently when I tell them. They aren't as nice to me. They make it seem like I need to be locked up."

"Of course I would understand. It was worse having me find out by seeing you taking pills in my kitchen. You scared me!"

"I'm sorry okay! I just didn't want you to think of me as "poor little Derwin". I didn't want you thinking of me differently."

"I am your girlfriend. I don't care whether you are bipolar or schizophrenic. I love you and don't you EVER forget that," I said. I handed his pills back but he still

wouldn't look at me.

"Why won't you look at me?" I asked.

"It's nothing. Just a... side-effect. I'm fine." He smiled at me then looked back down.

"Okay. I'm gonna go get ready for bed so come up whenever you're ready," I said. I treaded up the stairs and went to my room. I grabbed a towel and headed

to the bathroom. I showered and brushed my teeth.

Derwin was still downstairs. He was also still standing in the same spot I left him in twenty five minutes ago. I went to my room and

dropped my towel to the floor. I hadn't laid out my clothes so I fished through my drawers for something to wear to bed. I was leaning over a drawer when I

heard the door open. Didn't I lock it?! I whipped around and saw Derwin standing wide-eyed in the doorway.

"Oh I- I didn't- I mean... uh..what?" he stammered.

"Get out!" I screamed although I made no move to cover myself up.

"Sorry!" he cried. He covered his eyes and backed out the door. He bumped into the door frame and fell over. I giggled and he scrambled out of the room with

his eyes shut tightly. He finally got the door closed and I laughed so much I cried.

I got dressed and opened the door. Derwin was standing right in front of it, like he was waiting for me.

"You are so hot," he said. He walked me back into the room and closed the door behind him. He kissed me fiercely and backed me into the wall.

"What are you doing?" I mumbled against his lips.

"Shhh. Don't speak," he said, sweeping me up into his arms.

He laid me down on the bed and got on top of me. He resumed kissing me but gentler this time. I kissed back but I knew I had to

stop this before it got too far. His kisses moved down my jaw towards my collarbone.

"Derwin we can't do this," I said.

"Come on. Your mom isn't even here," he said.

"Derwin stop. Even if she isn't here, Vicky is. And I want to wait.... Unlike you," I said. I mumbled the last part.

"What was that last part?"


He got up and walked over to the door. He locked it and turned back to me.

"There now she can't walk in," he said. He said it as if that just solved everything. He straddled my hips and tried to take my shirt off. I held it down with both


"I said no!" I shouted.

"Come on!" he whined.

He struggled with my shirt but I held on to it.

"You know what, unlike Ya-ya, I can keep my legs closed!" I screamed.

He stopped fighting with my shirt and glared at me. "Who told you that?" he asked.

Crap, I shouldn't have said that but it's too late. I had to make something up.

"You did. Just now. I just made it up but you confirmed it," I said triumphantly.

"Don't fucking lie to me," he growled.

I could've sworn he sounded exactly like Ted.

"Get the hell off of me Derwin," I said.

Something happened. My cheek stung. Little stars flashed across my vision. He slapped me! I began to see more and more of Ted in

him. I clutched me cheek and held back the tears. I realized now that tears were for the weak.

I shoved him off me and ran for the door. I fumbled with the lock and cursed at myself for wanting a lock in the first place. I finally got it

open and ran down the stairs. I grabbed a knife from the kitchen on my way out the back door. I climbed the ladder to the tree house and huddled in the

corner. I poised the knife above my wrist and considered cutting myself for a moment. I've always wondered what it would be like but I was always too scared

to try.

"What are you doing?" screamed Derwin from the window.

I pointed the knife at him and screeched, "None of your damn business!"

He hopped out the window and started climbing the ladder.

"Go away!" I yelled.

Derwin poked his head through the tree house door and stared at me.

"Get out now you bastard!" I spat.

I put the knife to my wrist once again.

"No stop," he said. He climbed into the tree house and I put the knife to my throat.

"I would much rather kill myself than be dating the spitting image of Ted," I hissed.

"How could you ever say that?" he asked with hurt laced in his voice.

"You slapped me Derwin. And I didn't even deserve it! You slapped me because I didn't want to have sex with you!" A lump rose in my throat but I ignored

it. "We can't be together anymore." I said.

"No I'm sorry!" He tried to hug me and the knife slid across my neck. Not deep enough to kill me on the spot but enough to make me pass out.

I gasped and dropped the knife. I fell back as everything went black. The last thing I saw was Derwin's shocked face.

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