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Chapter Two


I thought about Derwin and our kiss/kisses the whole day until five o' clock. Vicky scattered my thoughts with her constant complaining.

"It's five o' clock already. Where is Aisha?"

"Give her some time. It takes like fifteen minutes to get from the school to here."

I sighed and went back to thinking about my new boyfriend. I can't believe all that happened today. First the Lacey shit and then Ray. Oh and then the whole locker room scene. Wow. Derwin is really amazing. I can't believe he was trippin' so much about Ray.

"Help me pick out an outfit for the party! I want to look hot and conservative at the same time."

Told you she tries to act twenty-two.

"Stop lying. You know you want to be the hottest junior there."

"You are so right."

"Anyways we're going over the new girl, Yakira's, house. So just pick out a ton of clothes and let's go." I walked over to my own room and opened the closet. I took out three dresses and a couple of shirts and skinny jeans.

"Why do we have to go over there?" She shouted from her room.

"I invited her to the party so I told her we'd come over and get ready together. We have four hours to get ready so don't act like we're wasting time going over there."

"She better not be some type of nerd," Vicky warned.

"Far from it. She's a hottie number two and she's athletic."

My sister has numbers for how hot people are. Can you say shallow? It's on a scale from one to Taylor Lautner. Taylor Lautner is a four and we haven't encountered any fours yet...besides Derwin. So Ya-ya is a two on the scale of one to three. I know it's confusing but I learned it after about a couple months. I'm a little slow.

"Oh ok then. How's this?" She lifted up about 30 different outfits overflowing in her arms.

"That's good," I said.

I threw my clothes into a shopping bag and we went out to the car. I grabbed my cell and called Aisha. It rang twice before she picked up.

"What's up girl?"

"Hey. Vicky and I are heading to the new girl's house. Meet us there okay?"

"Damn thanks for asking how detention was," her voice thick with sarcasm.

"I'm sorry. How was detention?"

"You already know. That fag Mr. Fargates made me scrape gum off the bottom of his nasty ass desks.

Mr. Fargates teaches biology. His class is alright but I'd rather not dissect worms. It's disgusting. He's also the teacher no one wants to get stuck with during detention. He makes you scrape gum off of the bottom of his desks. I haven't experienced it but those desks are stomach turning to just look at.

"Ew. That sucks for you. We'll be at Yakira's house in five minutes."

"Okay peace."

"And chicken grease."

We hung up and Vicky started our Mini Cooper. It wasn't hard to find Yakira's house. It was the one she was outside playing soccer at.

"Hey," I said as I climbed out of the car.

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