Chapter Ten

The Great Escape

I felt like utter crap and just laid there wondering when this long week would be over. The weekend I dreaded was finally over. Ted hasn’t come back since yesterday. He’s probably trying to starve me or something. School was the last thing on my mind. I didn’t plan on wheeling myself twenty miles to school so I stayed home and listened to my iPod. The same song played on replay for the past twenty four hours. Sorrow by Flyleaf. It applied quite well to how I was feeling.

My cell phone rang but I really didn’t feel like hearing another voice for as long as I lived. I glanced at the caller I.D. It was my mother.

“Screw you,” I said to my ringing phone. “If you just believed me and Vicky this would have never happened.”

            I longed to say it to her face but she wouldn’t be back until this Friday.  Until then I would just lie around and consider committing suicide.


Yuki’s Point-of-View  

What the hell happened? That’s what I thought when I woke up the next day laid out on the sidewalk. I had no money, no I.D., nothing. What’s worse? It seems like no one on the whole block even bothered to try and help me.

I got up and dusted myself off. My head was throbbing and my vision kept going in and out of focus. I couldn’t remember where I was going or why I was outside in the first place. Luckily, I was only a few steps away from my house. I turned back the way I came and headed up the steps to my house. I reached into my pocket and realized my keys were gone too.

“Crap,” I said. I looked towards the driveway. Low and behold; my car was gone. “My life sucks,” I groaned.

            I had no car. I could’ve filed a police report IF I had a phone to call the police with. Even if I did, I have no proof I’m who I say I am. This totally blows, I said to myself. I sat down on the porch and contemplated what to do next. 

“Hey you,” called a girl from across the street.

            I’ve never seen her before but the way she spoke to me made me think she knew me.

“Can you help me out with something?” she asked.

“Depends what it is,” I replied cautiously.

“I’m looking for someone.” She held up a picture and asked me if I’ve seen the girl in the picture.

“What if I have?” I asked.

“I’ll give you something,” she said cryptically.

“I know the girl but I won’t tell you where she lives or who she is unless you tell me who you are.”

“Fine. My name is Ava.”

“I need more information than that,” I scoffed.

“I’m 17, I like dogs, and if you don’t tell me where this girl is--” she paused and removed a gun from her belt. “I’ll blow your brains out.”

“Whoa put that thing away!” I shouted as I threw my hands up in surrender.

“Tell me where she is,” insisted Ava.

            I spilled everything even though I had a bad feeling about it.

“Thank you,” Ava said after I was done spilling my guts. “Here,” she said as she tossed something my way. “Don’t follow me,” she said while she began walking down the street.

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