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Trapped by tellmegoodbyee
Trappedby Ruth
Synopsis: What would you do if you were a prisoner in your own home? If the person you were told to trust was the one hurting you and you couldn't do anything about it...
  • teen
  • miscarriage
  • bipolar
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Lie To Me by dandan101
Lie To Meby Danielle
Stting on her balcony one night Jamie is visited by the man of her dreams, the only problem is he lies--compulsively. She knows that he wrong for her--it's blatantly obv...
  • betrayal
  • magic
  • suicide
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I would do anything !!( criminal minds fanfiction) by Obsessive_Fan_Gurl
I would do anything !!( criminal m...by Grace Bannan
Alexandra Stedler isn't your sixteen year old she has a full time internship with the FBI's Behaviour Analysis Unit (BAU) and she graduated high school at the age of 14...
  • girlonfiremockinjay
  • jareau
  • criminal
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The Girl Of Death {Alec Volturi Love Story} by SexyVolturiChick
The Girl Of Death {Alec Volturi Lo...by SexyVolturiChick
Raven is a new born vampire. She has an amazing gift, but a dangerous one. She hates who she has become. Raven had a horrible human life. She uses her gift to take down...
  • sad
  • summer
  • volturi
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Kidnapped by a prince, raped by a prince, saved by a marked rapist?! by GangstaMadz
Kidnapped by a prince, raped by a...by Madi
  • romance
  • saved
  • kidnapped
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Legion by kirajaden
Legionby kirajaden
When Nicholas Forrester meets the new girl Scarlett Brenin they get off on anything but the right foot. He tries to be nice but she shoots him down with her frigid attit...
  • hes
  • forbidden
  • mates
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Always Alone (On Hold/Writers Block/Slow Uploads) by MysteryWriter96
Always Alone (On Hold/Writers Bloc...by (It's a) Mystery
She's so alone. Always alone. She can't find anyone that's would take her, after what's happened to her. Her parents abandoned her, her so called "boyfriend" a...
  • brother
  • meet
  • restaurant
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Random Conversations by Erza1998
Random Conversationsby Erza1998
These stories are about these conversations, I have people online and when my mind takes me on weird journeys. Have a peek, won't you? I won't tell anyone.
  • lolly
  • squids
  • duck
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Promise me you will always................ by vickyv
Promise me you will always...by Vicky
.... dreams shattered and lives lost .... but a promise made may either rebuild lives or.......
  • drunk
  • karen
  • son
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Scared of Love (ON HOLD) by ButterflyFrost
Scared of Love (ON HOLD)by Tiffany
Winter Vu always thought life was suppose to be fun and exciting, not painful and tragic. Once she is raped, her life changes forever. She no longer is the confident, ad...
  • love
  • friendship
  • police
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What Wattpad Writers Write (a blog critiquing Wattpad stories) by Etcetera
What Wattpad Writers Write (a blog...by Nina
Follow me as I journey through the stories in Wattpad (or you can just laugh at my snide remarks, that works, too). Post the link to the story you'd like to be featured...
  • dragon
  • critics
  • crucified
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On to the next one. by lottie1992
On to the next one.by lottie1992
  • sexual
  • date
  • rapist
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Safety Dan by SRLever
Safety Danby SRLever
  • rope
  • dan
  • electr
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Upside Down by Kuromizushi
Upside Downby NIPPLES
Reana lived a normal life. Happy, lots of friends, admirers, haters. She was popular! She had everything, but none of that mattered as long as she had her friend Aleshea...
  • upside
  • psycho
  • family
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A Game of Murder by _rubberducky_
A Game of Murderby _rubberducky_
Amanda Cormack is one of the most honored homicide detectives in all of New York. An unfortunately not-so-uncommon case pops up in her lap. A dead twenty-four year old...
  • game
  • bronx
  • brooklyn
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