Chapter Sixteen

One blue line

            The next few days I was walking on eggshells. My gift didn’t come and I was starting to go insane. I wasn’t sure what I should do. From what Vicky has told me, our mom was really different when she was pregnant. She ate things that she said she hated, she was really hormonal, and the morning sickness was unbearable. I wasn’t having any of those symptoms. Ok I have been hormonal but I was just hoping it was my time of the month. I only got sick like three times and I’m still convinced I just had some sort of stomach virus.

“Why’d you want to know what mom was like when she was pregnant?” asked Vicky.

“I don’t know. I guess I just wanted to remember what it was like when we were all together and believed each other when we said something,” I said hoping I sounded believable.

“Oh ok. How long do you think it’ll be before mom realizes she misses us?” she asked.

“I’m not sure. She probably does already miss us but she doesn’t want to be the first to break.”

“We’re not gonna crack first. I like living without rules.”

            I agreed with a nod of my head. It was Saturday morning so we had nothing to do. We were still in our pajamas chilling in Vicky’s room. A wave of nausea hit me and I jumped up so quickly I almost fell.

“Are you ok?” she asked concerned.

“Mhmm,” I mumbled against the hand that covered my mouth.

            I sprinted to the bathroom where I doubled over and retched into the toilet. I was so glad my hair was in a ponytail because I wouldn’t have had time to catch my hair.

I didn’t realize Vicky had followed me and she asked, “Are you still sick?”

As soon as I was sure I wouldn’t get sick again I said, “Yeah.”

            I knew deep inside that I should’ve told Vicky what I told Aisha but I wasn’t too sure if I wasn’t just overreacting. I didn’t want to draw anymore attention to this than necessary. If I did turn out to be pregnant then of course I’d have to tell Vicky sooner or later; just not now.

“Maybe we should take you to the hospital.”

“No! No hospitals.” I didn’t want to know the truth about this “stomach virus”.

“If you get worse we have to take you.”

“Sure.” If I get worse? Is there a worse? Oh yeah, my stomach will be the size of a beach ball. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

            I brushed my teeth and went to get dressed. I was going to call Aisha and we would go do something fun so I can keep my mind off of this.

“Hey,” I said once she answered the phone.

“What’s up?”

“We should do something today.”

“Like what?”

“I’m thinking Go-karts,” I said hopefully.

“You hate Go-kart racing,” she said.

“Since when?”

“Since that time your sister stuck her hand out of the Go-kart and almost broke all her fingers and your mom never let you go back.”

“Oh right. I forgot about that. Well I don’t hate Go-karts. I hated Vicky for sticking her damn hand out of the Go-kart.”

“Ok well do you want me to meet you there or should I go over to Yuki’s place?”

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