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Chapter Four


Derwin's Point of View

Why did I say that to her? Judgmental bitch. Where the hell did I get that from? Why do I even have to ask? It came from that hypocritical bastard that I call dad. He better not even think of hurting Ms. Hayze or Jazmaine or even Vicky. I can't even imagine transferring again. That would make it the second time this year. School is almost over anyway. But that doesn't make it appropriate to do those things again. He promised he wouldn't make me go through that again. Where is he anyway?

I heard the front door make a clicking sound and turned around to face the door.

"Right on cue," I muttered under my breath.

"Hey kid. Why are you up so late?" he asked.

"It's only eight o' clock."

"Isn't that your bed time?" he asked snickering.

"When I was ten. I'm fifteen. Or did you forget that too?"

We are so far apart and yet we live in the same house. Sometimes he doesn't even remember my name. He mostly calls me "kid" when he can't remember Derwin. He sometimes forgets my birthday. Usually when I come home with gifts from friends he says, "What's the occasion?" I then proceed to remind him of my birthday. Do you see what years of alcohol and selfishness does to your brain cells?

"I would never forget how old you are. It's a great way to pick up girls." He laughed and walked into the kitchen. (Probably for more alcohol.) I also noticed he said "girls" and not women.

I followed him into the kitchen and I heard the soft tapping of rain outside.

"Where were you?" I asked in a rush.

"Out. What the hell does that matter to you?" He was definitely already intoxicated. I hope he didn't drive home.

"I heard you met Jazmaine."

"Oh yeah. She's hot." He grinned that evil, disgusting smile of his and my stomach lurched into my throat.

"She's my ex-girlfriend." I replied through clenched teeth.

"I couldn't help but notice the ex in that." He said drinking from a bottle of Chardonnay. It's a wonder how he can afford that on his salary. I made more money last summer that he can make in a month.

"So it doesn't mean anything," I said more to myself than to him. I'm still in denial over the fact I called her a judgmental bitch.

"So you mind if I hit that?" he asked with that stupid grin on his face.

"I do and so do the police." I threatened.

"I thought we talked about this," he said while putting down the bottle of Chardonnay.

"You promised you wouldn't do it again. I won't bail you out this time; not that I'm giving you permission to hurt her." I crossed my arms over my chest and tried to look tough.

"I could do whatever the fuck I want. Get the hell out of my face." He said as he carried the Chardonnay and two bottles of beer upstairs. He shoved me to the side with his free arm and glared at me.

"One more thing. Stay out of my damn business kid." He said.

I can't believe he's seriously considering this. He can't be. I don't want to transfer again. My life is here now and if he gets arrested he can rot in jail. He raped two teenage girls in one year. The first one was 17 and the other was 14. Those poor girls are now in therapy. I bailed him out both times. He apologized to me and said what he did was completely unprofessional and he was ashamed. That's freaking eight thousand dollars out of my college fund. What I can't forget though is he became the town rapist. Even though the police considered him a minor threat, the community didn't. He was known as the rapist and I was the rapist's son. No one wanted their kids near me (not that the kids wanted to be near me in the first place.) I was made fun of and mostly everyone feared me. They were scared I'd turn out like him. I won't ever turn into Ted. I promised my mother before she was killed that I would always respect women and never do what my father does.

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