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Where are we now?

            It’s been two years since the whole fiasco with my family and Ted. I’m eighteen now and my high school graduation is about two months away. That night when I moved out of Yuki’s house, Vicky and I took three buses and a train to Philadelphia to live with my Aunt Maya. She’s sort-of our mother now. Yuki drunk texted me all that night…I didn’t text back. It felt like I would’ve been reliving the past if I texted him back.

            Have I seen Yuki since then? Actually, yes. He followed us to Philadelphia and begged for me to come back. I said no. He booked a hotel for a couple weeks and waited for me after school like a lost puppy. When he saw me kiss another guy one afternoon he finally got the picture and left. From time to time he still calls me and sometimes I pick up. It’s weird though. We never have anything to say to each other. He asks how my boyfriend is and I say fine. I ask how life is and he says it sucks. Well we can’t both be happy but at least he’s honest. Rumor has it that he’s got a new girlfriend. I don’t really care because I’ve always been told to give my toys to the less fortunate. (Totally kidding about Yuki being a toy though.)

            Vicky is now nineteen and a freshman in college. I hear she’s partying up a storm. I can’t wait to join her next year. She’s captain of the dance team and she has a new love interest. Things are going well for her. She’s still sort-of traumatized though. She doesn’t let her boyfriend touch her in certain areas and they haven’t gone farther than holding hands and kissing. Everyone copes at their own pace I guess.

            Aisha is still my girl. She’s comes to Philly every summer to visit Vicky and I. Her mom sometimes comes with her and you will never guess who she brought along one time. Avril Lavigne! It was the most amazing summer ever. Turns out Avril was doing a concert in Philly so she wanted Aisha’s mom to do her hair and make-up. Then they got to talking and they ended up at my house…well its Aunt Maya’s house but you get the point.

I hear from Derwin every once in a while. He’s dating his nurse, Janelle, and he’s coping with his new condition. His dog is adorable though! Whenever I talk to Derwin he seems happy so I’m happy for him. Ava has been helping him out these past two years. I don’t talk to her.

            Now how do I explain what happened to Ted? Well after being butt-raped in jail by people just like him for a year, he’s been sentenced to death. They told me that the electric chair is medieval and not available anymore so death by lethal injection was the only way to go. Now he’s most likely rotting in Hell and will burn for eternity. That’s right people: I still hold a grudge.

            I have trust-issues now so I go to therapy for that. Every day from three to five I meet with my psychiatrist and we talk. It brings me to tears every time. I tell him how I feel, I cry a little, I tell him what goes on now and where I’d like to be in life, and I cry a little more. It’s all good though. I’m not on meds thank God. And yeah I believe in God again. I go to church every Sunday with Aunt Maya and Vicky. It helps.

            As with my mother well she’s buried back in Connecticut right next to Dad. I just know they’re in Heaven dancing to Celine Dion like the lovesick romantics they are. I love you guys.

            Oh and I almost completely forgot about mystery dude! Well I was right all along. It turned out to be Skylar. After hearing about Ted’s death sentence, he turned himself in hoping to avoid some prison time. He got five years for aiding a criminal. I hope he gets everything he deserves like as righteous ass-whooping that Ava graced him with before he went off to prison. I still don’t like her though.

            Alls well that ends well, right? Um…there’s also one small detail I forgot to mention. Remember that boyfriend of mine? He has a one year old son. His baby’s mama isn’t in the picture anymore so I guess we are kind-of one big happy family.  

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