Chapter Twenty-One

Age Is But a Number

            Rumors had spread around school that I was dropping out. Lacey was most likely the source of these totally false rumors.

“I can’t stand how people think I can’t hear them whispering about me,” I said, a tinge of annoyance in my voice.

“Don’t worry about them. Leave everything to Ava,” said Yuki, taking my hand.

            I let him hold my hand and walk me to my next class. Gym class was getting harder these days’ probably because I had a person growing inside of me. Today we were supposed to be playing basketball. I was a lot slower than usual and every time someone tried to block me I got upset. I shuffled across the court to Coach Kay.

“Can I sit out? I’m not feeling well,” I said pitifully.

“Nope. You missed almost the whole week of class. If you want to get your grade back up hustle your butt back to the court.”

“Please Coach,” I begged.

“No,” she yelled firmly. She pointed in the direction of the ongoing basketball game and said, “Go.”

            I grumbled the whole way back to the court and took up my position as point guard. I wasn’t exactly sure how to be a point guard so I assumed that meant I was keeping the other team from getting points. Charging towards me was Lacey with the basketball. I stretched my arms out and stayed low. She smiled a sinister smile and plowed me into the ground. She made a quick lay-up and hurried back to the other side of the court. She didn’t forget to laugh at me as she passed by either.

“Bitch,” I grumbled under my breath. “That really hurt,” I said pulling myself off the ground before I got trampled.

            Pain shot up my spine as I ran to the side my team was on. I ignored it and continued to play since Coach was watching me like a hawk. This time the ball was in my grasp and just as Lacey had done I shoved her and laughed as she hit the ground.

“Two points,” I said to myself with satisfaction.

“Foul!” bellowed Coach from across the court.

“What!?” I screamed, furious.

“Foul,” Coach repeated.

“That’s not fair!  She did the same to me!”

“I didn’t see it.”

“You know damn well you saw it!” I yelled at her.

          Everyone was staring at me now including Coach. Lacey seemed to be drowning in self satisfaction.

“I didn’t see it now watch your tone before I write you up.”

          I grumbled under my breath but didn’t say anything else. The game continued and Lacey continued to drop me on the ground each chance she got. I was sure that if I fell one more time I wouldn’t get up. Everything hurt and I was becoming infuriated.

“Had enough?” whispered Lacey as she trotted past me.

          Instead of responding I peeled myself off the floor and decided to concentrate on the game. I knew I was better at basketball than Lacey was so all I had to do was show off. She was charging towards me again and this time I smacked the ball out of her hands and headed for the opposite teams basket. I made a perfect shot and the swish of the net made me smile. A small “ooooh” rose throughout the gym. Lacey was seething.

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