Trapped: Ch. 25

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Chapter Twenty-Five

Background Check

            Was it really over? It couldn’t have been that simple… right? We found an extra shirt in our car for Aisha to wear while we waited for the cops to arrive—late as usual. Since we were already at the cemetery, Vicky and I decided to visit our father. He wasn’t buried far from where we parked. We trudged up to his grave and sat down.

“Dad, we’re sorry,” I said.

“What are we sorry for?” asked Vicky.

“Everything,” I began. “Sorry for losing mom, sorry for being stupid…I don’t know. I’m just sorry.”

“Yeah me too,” said Vicky.

            I was trying to be brave but the thought of losing my sister as well definitely did a number on me. I started crying. That was the only thing I could do. I was freaked out. My father was gone, my mother was gone, and I sure as hell didn’t want to add my sister to that equation. It was just too much. I sat there, in front of my dad’s grave, and cried my eyes out. A cold chill swept over my shoulder and I shivered.

“Are you cold?” asked Vicky.

“You didn’t feel that?”

“Feel what?”

“That breeze.”


           Dad is that you? I said in my head. It might’ve been my imagination but another chill danced across my arms. I took that as a yes. Dad wouldn’t have wanted me to be sad so I wiped away my tears and got myself together. I glanced over at Vicky and she shivered also. At least he let both of us know he was with us. Red and blue lights flickered across my line of vision.

“Cops are here,” I said.

            We stood and went back over to the car where Aisha was waiting. She didn’t come to see Dad with us because she thought it was more of a private moment. Vicky and I got back to the car the same time the police were exiting theirs. I noticed there was an ambulance parked behind them.

“Evening ladies,” said the male officer.

“A little late there officer,” Vicky griped.

“We apologize for that,” said the female.

“Yeah well sorry wasn’t gonna stop that psycho from setting my friend on fire,” she continued.

            As proof Aisha held up her charred shirt. The officers exchanged a look of dread. They bagged Aisha’s clothes as evidence and escorted her to the ambulance to check for third degree burns and crap like that. I decided I’d show them where Ted was because Vicky was still mildly traumatized. I led the two armed officers to the hole in the ground which accommodated Ted.

“There,” I said pointing to the still rattling casket.

            The female had her gun trained on the casket while the man tried to open it. I had forgotten that Vicky catapulted the key into the next century.

“Um the key is somewhere over there,” I said awkwardly.

“It’s fine, we’ll just load this into the car or tie it to the roof…or something,” said the woman, obviously frustrated.

            They called the fire department to come haul the coffin out of the ground and said they’d call Aisha’s mom to come pick her up. We insisted that we’d take her home but they shut that idea down. Apparently they didn’t know both of our parents were dead and said they’d call our parents too.

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