Chapter Twenty-Six

Goodbye Forever

            It’s had been two days since we began our search for the mystery guy with the letter ‘K’ in his name. So far no one had come up with anything. Good news was Yakira and Lacey didn’t give any of us a hard time that whole time. Lacey barely looked my way and Yakira seemed to go out of her way to avoid me. It’s possible the whole school knew about my short pregnancy but I didn’t care.

“Don’t you have practice after-school today?” I asked Ava, who sat down with Vicky and I.

            We were having lunch outside that day just to avoid the weird looks some people were giving us.

“Yeah but I’m not going.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“I’d much rather be looking for this dude with the ‘K’ in his name. We crossed off about eighty-five percent of the school either because they’re girls or because they don’t have a ‘K’ in their name.”            

“Now we have fifteen percent left. That should be easy enough,” said Vicky.

“Did we already officially cross Yuki off that list?” I asked around a bite of my apple.

“That’s up to you,” replied Ava.

“Why me?”

“He’s your boyfriend. Do you trust him or not?”

“I trust him.”

“Right, so he’s off the list,” she said unequivocally.

            Quiescently, we finished our lunch and returned to our classes. Just as she had said, Ava didn’t go to practice after-school but she was still in the building when the last bell rang. Vicky and I waited by her car but she never showed. We went back inside in hopes of finding where Ava might’ve run off to. Ava was lackadaisically hanging around the office area.

“What are you doing?” I asked, walking up to her.

“Waiting for that damn secretary to leave,” she said, glaring at the woman behind the desk.


“So I can use her computer. If she goes to the bathroom I have about two minutes to look through about fifteen hundred school records. If she runs an errand I have about six minutes. I’m hoping one of you can cause a good distraction.”

“Distraction? Oh no, I am not involved,” I said, backing up.

“I’ll do the distraction,” volunteered Vicky.

“Great. Go up to the second floor and just start screaming like a maniac or something. Something good, ok?”

“Got it,” said Vicky, sprinting towards the stairwell.

“That isn’t such a good idea,” I began. “If Vicky starts screaming it will most likely be the school officer and the nurse running up there.”

“Since you’re so smart why don’t you run after her and go cause a better distraction.”

“Can’t I check the computer instead?”

“Do you know what you’re looking for?”

“The letter ‘K’.”

“Alright. I’ll go cause another distraction then,” said Ava, heading towards the lavatories.

            At the last minute I saw Ava pull out her phone. A few seconds later Vicky’s scream rang through the halls. I guess Ava gave her the signal. I looked over to the secretary and she jumped when Vicky’s screech reached her. She looked around—searching for the source of the wail—then finally realized it wasn’t on this floor. She got out of her chair and hurried in the direction of the school officer’s department. I remained rooted to my spot when they passed by, heading in the direction of the stairs, and they barely looked my way.

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