Chapter Twenty-Four

No Air

Yuki’s Point-of-View

            Spring Break came faster than I thought it would and so did Jazmaine’s birthday. Vicky, Ava, and I planned a small surprise party for her. We only invited Aisha because she was Jazmaine’s best friend. Other than that, it was just me, Vicky, Ava, Aisha, my parents, and Jazmaine.

“Surprise!” we yelled when she walked through the door.

            I walked over and kissed her. I knew my mother would be watching. I’ve never kissed any of my girlfriends in front of her so by kissing Jazmaine she could tell how special she was.

“Did you get your license?” I asked.

“Yeah!” she shouted happily. She held up her license for me to see. “Doesn’t my picture look great?”

“You look beautiful, as always.”

“Aw thanks,” she said smiling.

            I walked her over to the kitchen where everyone was waiting. I introduced her to my parents and vice versa. I didn’t tell Jazmaine my parents were coming so I could tell she was nervous.

“It’s nice to meet you,” she said shaking my mother’s hand.

“Uh huh,” replied my mom.

“Mom, be nice,” I whispered to her.

“So I noticed you didn’t knock,” began my mom. “Do you have a key? Do you own this place?”

            I never exactly told my parents that Jazmaine and Vicky were living in the house. My mom would kill me if she found out two girls were living in her house without her knowing. She’d also kill me if she knew Jazmaine was sleeping in my bed.

“I left the door unlocked,” I blurted.

“You should lock the door next time,” said my mom. “You don’t want anyone to walk in whenever they feel like it.” She looked right at Jazmaine and I could tell this wasn’t going well.

 “We should sing happy birthday now,” I suggested.

            I led Jazmaine over to the cake I bought earlier. I lit the candles and started singing. Eventually everyone else joined in and we told Jazmaine to make a wish. Instead of saying something cheesy like, “I already have everything I could ever wish for,” she said, “I wish Yuki’s mom would give me a chance and see I’m not a bad girlfriend.” Yeah she said all that out loud. She tried laughing to play it off but my mom didn’t laugh with her.

            Jazmaine quickly blew out the candles and stood there awkwardly.

“So who wants cake?” she asked.

“I’m allergic,” said my mother walking away.

“Mom!” I called after her. “Please forgive my mother,” I said to Jazmaine. “She has this disorder where she’s rude to everyone she meets!” I shouted in the direction of my mom.

            I brought my mom back over to the group and told Jazmaine my mom would like the first piece of cake.

“It’s too big,” complained my mom.

“Then share with dad,” I said.

“I don’t want to. I’m not hungry anymore.”

“More for me,” said Ava grabbing the plate from my mom.

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