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My Brother's Best Friend by kindlove706
My Brother's Best Friendby kindlove706
Bethany Carrington is a junior in high school. She's a great student, she has really good taste in fashion, she even has the "perfect" boyfriend or so she tho...
  • josh
  • miscarriage
  • pregnancy
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In Honour of the Heart [Wattpadprize14] by Achu2911
In Honour of the Heart [Wattpadpri...by Achu2911
Isabelle's life is flawless. She has a perfect husband in Isaac and a gorgeous little baby. Then her past comes calling in the form of Ethan. Soon she is being torn in t...
  • girl
  • school
  • husband
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Playing Hearts by whoiskim
Playing Heartsby 𝑘𝑖𝑚𝑚𝑦 ☆
He said he loved her and promised to stay faithful. Well that promise is long gone coming home every night reeking a new smell of perfume as well as hickeys full on disp...
  • depressing
  • sad
  • drinking
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Sin Color || Oscar 'Spooky' Diaz by museo_
Sin Color || Oscar 'Spooky' Diazby museo
"No! No, what about everything we talked about! You're throwing it away? All of it..for those putos?" "Ay, mencita*." Oscar began, pulling Catalina...
  • originalcharacter
  • drama
  • gangleader
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CLICHÉ ; FAMILY by Rapmopon
"YAH IM SO TIRED OF THESE TWO!" "bitch. i have seven kids and your telling me your tired with just five? Honey the door is right that way" ╔═══°∴,*⋅✲...
  • fluffandsmut
  • skzfamily
  • straykids
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After it All, it Begins Anew by shewritesall
After it All, it Begins Anewby Elizabeth
It's been five years since the Avengers defeated Thanos and Natasha and Steve had traded the world-saving life for a simple life together. Married life has suited them...
  • romanogers
  • tonystark
  • blackwidow
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UnFaithFul Love (by Sugar-Arhi) by Ipkknd-FanFictions
UnFaithFul Love (by Sugar-Arhi)by Ipkknd Arshi
Room 572 (Early morning 6am) The room was filled with moans and groaned of a man and a lady which was pushing pulling pumping and jumping on each other.. The bed was sha...
  • fake
  • relationship
  • lve
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Maxerica's Journney by maxericafangirl101
Maxerica's Journneyby The One Elite who was Selected
After reading almost every Maxerica fanfiction on Wattpad, I discovered that the things that I wanted to be in fanfics were never in fanfics. So I decided to make a fanf...
  • maxon
  • miscarriage
  • maxericasjourney
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Stolen by loverzgirl
Stolenby @x.kshani
Karri is the 21 yr old 'trap' princess. With her dad being head in charge over the entire Mexican drug cartel, there has always been a hit out on her head as his only d...
  • miscarriage
  • friendship
  • shooting
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The Original Wife Sequal by PeralRose
The Original Wife Sequalby PeralRose
The continuation of my book The Original Wife
  • werewolf
  • neworleans
  • mikaelson
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We've Grown. (Naruto FanFiction) by _QueenAshari_
We've Grown. (Naruto FanFiction)by Ashari
"I must say that you look beautiful Sarada." Boruto Uzumaki said to her, as she walked past him in the hallway. "I know." She said, walking confide...
  • naruhina
  • fanfiction
  • himaxinojin
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Everlasting Love by Unwanted3454
Everlasting Loveby Athena Mitchell
Emerald Lindendale is a African American girl.She is about to turn 16 and she is struggling with self harm a eating disorder and many other problems.There is a boy that...
  • teenpregnancy
  • miscarriage
  • teenromance
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I'm A Danger To My Self And Everyone Else - HP by Pcrw1233
I'm A Danger To My Self And Everyo...by Hellowerewolf1
The Dursley's take a step too fare now changing Harry for the forever, now the joker of the Magical realm and he love to play games - C.W
  • weasleybashing
  • more
  • violence
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Lethal Lust ✓ by acetylcholinee
Lethal Lust ✓by acetylcholinee
Elijah and Jess had been unbreakable since high school, so it comes as no surprise to anyone when the young couple decides to tie-the-knot. But when Jess's feisty and vo...
  • lovetriangle
  • generalfiction
  • love
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Thug From Around The Way by K_Alleyce
Thug From Around The Wayby Jakierah Alleyce
Your normal good girl Ms. Asia Jackson! A honor student with great grades and loves to cheer and dance in her spare time. Did I mention her past with Julian or as they c...
  • ghetto
  • hurt
  • cheating
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baby bats forgotten baby  by damianwaynecentral
baby bats forgotten baby by damianwaynecentral
Damian Wayne was 6 when he realised he wanted to be a boy not a girl . he was 8 1/2 when he got his first period . he was 9 when he was raped . he was 9 1/2 when he...
  • damianwayne
  • miscarriage
  • transdamian
Desperate Wife. Impregnate Her For Me! (By: Shayen S) by DesireInLoveBookClub
Desperate Wife. Impregnate Her For...by DesireInLove ~ Shayen S
Nadia, the barren wife, has an strong urge to have a baby for her loving husband, Tom Mahoney. This desperate wife finally got an idea which she knows it could even real...
  • kids
  • miscarriage
  • desperate
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You're My Haven (L.S) by stylens
You're My Haven (L.S)by I swear I’m a writer
When captured by the Styles pack, a scarred omega must have the alpha's heir or risk never saving someone he loves. Will his risk be his happy ending or outweigh the po...
  • powers
  • miscarriage
  • alphaharry
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Sharon's Perfect Family Based On True Story by TrinityOseaHall
Sharon's Perfect Family Based On T...by TOH/ Trinity Hall
Sharon is planning on having a perfect baby with her perfect husband José to make a perfect family but God has other plans. (Based On True Story) (My Story) ----A Little...
  • drama
  • thebabyinevermet
  • married
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The War Empress by KeomanyLor
The War Empressby Keomany Lor
Xi CaiYi is a tough and cruel Military 40 year old woman who has won all of the battles for her country and is hailed as a patriot. But in one bloody war, she loses her...
  • miscarriage
  • chinese
  • princes
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