Chapter Thirty Eight Part One

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soo i posted the first chapter of my new book! in case you didn't know is a spin off of olive's story and the first of many in a series i will be writing :-) it is about a werewolf named talia and it is gonna be lit for reals. go give it a look, if ya dig it leave a comment and vote <3

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There were legends of this sort of thing, I remembered studying ancient scrolls while I was apart of Ardor that detailed wolves who survived vampire bites and vice versa.


They were things of myth and story books now, after all, it was practically universally accepted that a bite from either opposite specie equaled a death sentence. However, in the old days there were the rare accounts of creatures who had not only successfully lived through the transition but they thrived. Hybrids that could live in duality, harmoniously with the two combatting sides of themselves whilst reaping the benefits from either supernatural part of them.

It was also at this time in Ardor that I started to realize they were all positively mad, which is why the possibility of something like that happening today had always seemed outlandish to me.

The sound of cracking bones clearly begged to differ.

The knife slipped from my fingers and I rushed to Olive's side, her body was contorting in pain as it once had by the river but there was something about this time that was much more terrifying.

Her arms snapped and she collapsed forwards with a scream tearing through her throat, before she could hit the ground I supported her pained body.

"It's going to be okay, let the shift go. Let it happen." I tried my best to soothe her with some affirmation but I didn't even believe myself in the moment.

I highly doubted it would ever be okay. Not very alpha-esque of me but what the hell, it hasn't been a very alpha-ish couple of weeks either. I was even beginning to sound like her.

A roar pierced through the room and I immediately released Olive right before she finally shifted into her wolf.

Her wolf was brown like her brunette locks and while, to the unobservant eye there was seemingly nothing remarkable about her coloration but to me it was perfect because it was Olive.

It was small, which was to be expected with the delay and all the other madness surrounding her bloodline. But like my wolf, instantly I sensed a speed about her.

If Olive looked scared, Lysander looked petrified. She clearly had not read up on her werewolf history.

Olive took a hesitant step forward and it was obvious that she was still trying to find her footing. I offered my hand to help balance her and instantly a deep pain radiated up my arm, almost bringing me down to me knees beside her once more.

I could feel everything within me again, a warmth that had slowly been dimming was burning brighter than ever before. The wound on my stomach was no longer there and the helplessness I experienced had vanished as well.

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