Chapter Three

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Recap: ...I was wolf-less and as good as dead to him. There was no way an alpha, let alone the alpha of the most fearsome packs to ever exist would take me as a mate or even a prisoner really. So, I did the only logical thing a person would do in my situation...

I hocked another loogie and spat it right in Matteo's face.

Matteo stood motionless before me almost as if he was processing exactly what I had done. I figured I might as well go out with a bang since this truly was to be my end and apparently, to me, spitting in assh:oles' faces was my idea of living large.

Despite the terrifying fate that no doubt awaited me at any moment, I found myself beginning to laugh. So much so, that I was forced to recline onto my elbows as my sides were aching. Although, now that I think about it, my sides were probably hurting from the extended assault I endured...but I'm going to pretend like it was because of my overwhelming, albeit foolish, joy.

Seconds later I felt hands wrapping around my ankle, the sharp pain at the contact abruptly halted my laughter and forced me to open my eyes. Matteo silently grabbed me and began to drag me down the school alleyway by said ankle.

I bounced against the cement as I twisted trying to get out of his rough grasp, Matteo was making no effort to look out for me as he yanked me along. He pulled me through several puddles and over many painful foot holes in the ground all the while ignoring my emphatic complaints.

Dead silence. That's all I got and honestly I couldn't decide what was more terrifying: Matteo all up in my space, snarling and yelling like crazy or this freakishly quiet version of him.

He towed me along like this for quite a while, I got to watch our exit from the school campus and the trip down the hill all from my spot on my back...on the ground...still being dragged mercilessly.

Upon arriving in the central town, even from my twisted perspective, it was obvious that the Grace Pack was in complete shambles. If I thought what had happened at the school was bad, this was on another level all on it's own.

Bodies were strewn haphazardly everywhere, so much so that Matteo had to zig zag us through the grown wolves lying on the field as there was no longer a clear path through the clearing of the town. I felt my throat constricting.

I was at face level with my fallen pack members, my body being tugged past them at close proximity and I saw everything. The fear in their eyes, the slackened jaws, their blood, pain and suffering. I couldn't breathe.

Instinctively I shut my eyes trying to block out the horrific scene of what used to be my home. I was not accustomed to this brutality, I'd never been given the opportunity. Sure, I trained with the pack but I never once actually fought. No wolf meant no fighting, which trapped me inside the Grace Pack for my entire life. It was sheltered and boring, I always longed to be off with the other warriors defending the pack and fighting but now I was face to face with reality and it made me sick.

Finally, Matteo came to a stop and unceremoniously dropped my battered ankle. Again, more silence. I refused to open my eyes, I knew whatever way he was going to off me had to be happening any second now and I didn't want to see it coming. However, when Matteo's foot swiftly connected with the side of my ribs, my eyes flew open on their own accord.

I peered incredulously up at the monster but he was not looking at me. His eyes were trained upwards towards the top of our border fence. My own brown eyes followed his gaze to a sight that terrified me even more than the field, something that I thought was impossible.

At the top of the fence, resting on the posts were the heads of our alpha and beta. My jaw trembled as I clutched at the icy grass and desperately tried to crawl away from the scene before me, shutting my eyes again as I attempted to dart away from the disturbing picture.

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