Chapter Eighteen

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Devin bursted out into a fit of cold laughter, even going as far as wiping a tear from his ruby eyes. "For a second there, I thought you said you were going to kill Lysander."

I stared over at Matteo, equally shocked by this mission statement. There was never any mention of killing him, this was the first time I was hearing any of this information. I turned to Fran and Amias to get validation for my shocked reaction but they didn't seem surprised at all. Amias offered me a small apologetic shrug.

I didn't want to kill anyone, I never wanted any of this. I had to tell them there was no way I could keep this game up any longer. It was not fair for me to punish Fran, Amias and now Devin for Matteo's actions.

"My father is dead!"

The whole room suddenly turned towards me, there was a painfully pregnant pause as I waited for the screaming to erupt but the entire company just turned away from me.

"Hello?" I stood on my tip toes as I tried to get them to listen, "I said my father isn't actually alive, he is long gone. Completely and totally dead, has been for years!" I repeated just a little louder this time, I needed their attention as much as they needed to hear this.

But they didn't think I was being serious. I finally told the truth and they wouldn't spare me a second glance.

Matteo rolled his eyes and repeated himself over my own voice, trying his best to not give me any encouragement, "I'm going to kill him and you and your coven will be free." He shrugged his shoulders as if it was the simplest thing.

Devin shook his head and pointed to the door we'd all just filed in through, "That isn't a group of cavalier abolitionists out there, they are terrified and vulnerable. They don't need you to get their hopes up."

Terrified vampires? Right.

He paused looking around at us, "You really don't know what he's done, do you?" Devin didn't wait for a response, "Lysander tore us from human lives, he turned us and forced us into his service. He had us commit unspeakable acts on others and our own kind, he turned us into the very monsters everyone wants us to be.

The psychological and physical damages we sustained as his slaves stays with us every single day, he won't ever let us go even now when we are away from him. Whether it's our own mind torturing us or his hunters relentlessly tracking us, we go through our own hell repeatedly, minute after minute and day after day."

He shook his head once more, "Don't go saying things like that around here, Matteo. Don't make a promise you and I both know that you cannot keep."

Matteo's jaw ticked, it was clear he was doing his very best to remain civil with someone he considered to be a friend but it was becoming increasingly more difficult, that much was obvious. "I'm losing my wolf, with every day I feel it draw further away. This is the only way I can restore our connection, my wolf's livelihood rests in my ability to take down Lysander. You can trust me when I tell you that tomorrow you will have Lysander's head on your doorstep, my life depends on it after all."

I narrowed my eyes at Matteo, he wasn't telling the whole truth but then again neither was I. So I decided that it was not my place to correct him in front of everyone. I also made the decision that I would no longer feel guilty about leading Matteo on this wild goose hunt, I told the truth so my conscious was clear now therefore it was no longer my problem.

"Your wolf is leaving you?" Devin looked shocked as he ran a hand through his curly hair, "But, even if what you are saying is true, you won't be anywhere near Lysander in a day's time. Freeman's Land extends beyond this city, it goes for hundreds of miles in every direction and he is in the very middle of it all."

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