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"What's the matter, little Ollie? Can't shift?"

I brought my arms up in front of my face in an attempt to block the next blow that I was certain would be coming my way. Instead of hitting me square in the face, Tiffany, my arch nemesis and greatest foe, went for my stomach; successfully knocking the air out of me and forcing me to hunch over.

This was my normal, if I didn't get a good ass kicking I would be worried something was wrong in all honesty. It was one of the many perks I got as the only werewolf in my pack who wasn't actually able to shift into a wolf. That and the endless teasing.

Not only could I not shift into a wolf but no matter how hard I trained, I still could never come close to being be as strong as everyone else. Even at my best, I was their mediocre. It was frustrating to say the least.

"Poor Olive, Daddy's not here to protect you anymore." Tiffany circled around me like I was her next meal.

I knew she was just being cruel and using my father's disappearance as a way to get under my skin. It shouldn't have worked but it did.

A sly smirk crossed her features, she knew she had hit the right nerve when I suddenly lunged towards her in an attempt to tackle her to the ground.

Unsuccessfully might I add.

She gracefully stepped aside and I landed hard on my shoulder on the other side of Tiffany and her cronies straight into an icy puddle of thawing snow. She hovered over me and was about to finish off today's torment session when she was distracted by a loud screeching over the school's intercom system.

The high pitch sound sent me and just about every student in view cringing and covering their ears. The noise was quickly followed by the sound of fumbling over the microphone and then suddenly, blasting forth were the opening chords to AC/DC's "Highway to Hell".

I slowly dropped my hands from my ears and with a furrowed brow I pushed myself onto my elbows out of the freezing puddle, something this bizarre and just plain stupid had to be the end of the year senior prank.

Just as quickly as the song appeared it was replaced by another screeching sound and this time, there were angry voices that followed.

"You idiot, this is not what he asked for."

"It adds a dangerous element to it all, y'know, it'll scare the brats and make this all the more legendary when we--"

There was the sharp, unmistakable sound of a gunshot ringing out over the intercom system and then one of the voices went silent. Someone cleared their voice and took control of the mic once more.

"Greetings young members of the Grace Pack, it is my greatest pleasure to inform you that your pack is currently under siege. "

There was a collective gasp between Tiffany and her little minions and just about every student on the campus. Everyone frantically began turning their heads searching for any sign of the aforementioned siege that surely was raging just beyond the school walls.

I took this opportunity to scramble fully off the ground and make a hasty retreat away from them.

In our pack the school was located on the hill away from the central town where everyone lived, we were so far isolated that there was no way we could have heard any alarm or sign of a battle.

"We have every possible exit closed off so if we could just skip over the frantic escape attempts it would make our job so much easier. You will be collected and inspected to see if you are fit to be apart of our pack.

If you resist or you don't pass our inspection..." He trailed off sadistically leaving the entire school hanging on his every word, "Well, lets just say you really don't want to fail or cause any trouble."

Almost immediately after his ominous warning clicked off of the intercom, foreign wolves and men suddenly burst out from the central building and invaded the yard.

It was chaos.

Some students ignored the man on the microphone's warning, shifting and foolishly attempted to go after the far more experienced warrior wolves while others were simply running terrified and vainly searching for an escape. In just a matter of seconds, my final day of senior year was transformed a horror movie of screaming and crying everywhere I looked.

I stood in shock paralyzed to my spot, unable to force myself to react or do anything but stare at the hellish scene that was unfolding before my eyes.

A few students who had mustered up the courage to try and fight were no match for the much larger and experienced wolves. They were now lying on the floor silent and unmoving.

Others were simply being snatched up and dragged inside of the auditorium building no shifting or blood spilt.

These were wolves from some foreign, sick and twisted pack taking pleasure in mowing down innocent high schoolers; an unfair battle.

It was only when a rough hand was clamped onto my shoulder that I was torn from my own head and forced to step back into reality.

I jumped at the touch and immediately tore around to identify who was grabbing me. The man was significantly older and had a crazy look in his eye. That's right, just one. The other one was missing but I'm assuming if it were there, it would be an equally crazy and terrifying.

Despite the size of the man and my lack of strength, wolf, dignity, have I mentioned lack of wolf? I twisted under his grasp and quickly brought my fist up into his jaw.

I could do this, I could totally survive this. I just had to remember my training...but holy sh:t, why was his jaw so hard?

As I spared a glance to look down at my hand, the man, completely unaffected by my attack, simply grabbed me by the back of my neck. The brute lifted me off of the ground and held me at his eye level.

He squinted at me, his gaze was cold and uncomfortable as he took me in. After a few moments of holding my struggling figure effortlessly off the ground, he grunted once in satisfaction just as he brought his other fist up and sent it crashing into my head, rendering me unconscious.


ok i swear this isn't going to be boring, this lil prologue just had to be written and out of the way before the good shit can happen :-3 this is my first time writing on here in ages but i was inspired so hopefully this works out and hopefully people dig it as much as i do

xx q

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