Chapter Thirty Seven

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I let out a sigh of relief and took off with the rest of the group, pounding across the marbled floor  towards freedom.

Devin, Fran, Amias and Matteo were all through the door and standing in the sunshine when a voice from behind me sent me skidding to a stop just inches away from the exit.


My entire body froze up.

There was no way.

I pivoted on my heel and I collapsed to the floor.


I hadn't heard that voice in years but it was one that I could never, would never forget. He waited there, in the same clothes as the last time I saw him was my father.

His hair was overgrown, and his face haggard with age but it was him. All this time I presumed that he was dead, after all it had been years of searching in vain; this couldn't be possible.

But even if Matteo's suspicions about my father being captured by Lysander were correct and he actually had been imprisoned for all these years, it just didn't make sense. From the little I knew about my mother, there wasn't a chance he would be alive right now.

I tilted my head to the side as my father reached his hand out to me, beckoning me into his arms. I felt my lower lip trembling as I stared across the seemingly endless expanse of room between us. With him, all of the bullying, it was manageable. I could have had the most ruthless day of tormenting in the pack but I would come home and run into my dad's arms and everything just seemed to melt away. 

When he vanished, the torturing was unbearable. I recalled the countless nights I spent sobbing, begging and pleading for anything or anyone to bring me back the one person who had actually loved me.

And there he was.

Standing before me, waiting for me to run into his arms as if not a day had passed since we had last seen each other.

I couldn't break his gaze in fear that if I did, he'd disappear just as he'd done all those years ago. I took a single step towards him, away from the door.

But before I could take another step, before I could do anything at all really, Matteo was quick to grab my upper arm. It was as if he could sense irrational action before I'd even made up my mind how to react.

I blinked and tore my eyes away, my head jerked painfully back towards Matteo. My eyes rapidly scanned his features, I looked at all of my friends standing expectantly behind him, they were all waiting for me.

I searched for understanding but I found nothing from Matteo, he gently guided me back towards the exit. My legs were locked frozen and I stumbled clumsily backwards, every fiber of my being screamed at me to see this through; I owed it to myself.

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