Chapter Twenty Six

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"Is this entire trip one giant game of 'Who Can Make Amias Most Uncomfortable'?" Amias exclaimed and covered his face with his hand as I scrambled to zip up my fly and button the top button on my pants. "Because if so, you all are winning!"

He turned away from Matteo and I and just as he was faced with Fran and Devin walking through the brush as if nothing had transpired between them. Completely unaware that Amias had told us of what happened.

"What's going on everybody?" Fran announced with a smile.

"They know." Amias bluntly stated and Fran's smile fell immediately, turning into a much more sheepish version.

Devin rolled his eyes, clearly not one for Amias' theatrics. He walked past Amias with Fran in tow and came to a stop in front of Matteo and handed him a crumpled piece of paper that he'd fished from the depths of his pocket.

"If that's a love letter I swear..." Amias warned.

Matteo growled lowly in irritation, he pulled out a cellphone from his pocket and tossed it to Amias. "Go call Felix and don't come back until your mate has talked some sense into you."

Amias' eyes immediately lit up, an entirely new person in milliseconds. He caught the phone and held it to his chest for a gleeful moment before he rushed off dialing Felix.

I felt for him, he was away from his loved ones and on top of that essentially fifth wheeling even though none of us were officially anything at all. I'd be annoyingly bitter too if it were me but then again, I'm always bitter so I don't really count.

Matteo unfolded the paper, it looked like it was a flier for some kind of ritzy gala event.

"They're hung up everywhere, Lysander is advertising some kind of celebration." Devin explained and shrugged once. "It has the potential to be just the right cover we need."

Matteo mulled the idea over for a moment, his hand absentmindedly rubbing his stubbled chin as he weighed his options internally. Finally he nodded, "It beats what I had originally planned."

His comment surprised me, I raised a brow over at him and he immediately looked away. If he hadn't already caught my interest, I was definitely invested now. "What did you originally have planned?"

Devin let out a breath, trying to suppress a laugh to the point where he had to turn away. Fran scowled at him, trying to get him to stop laughing.

"What was it?" I demanded again, not particularly enjoying Devin's reaction to my persistence.

Matteo shot a glare at which Devin, the terrifying and bloodthirsty vampire, immediately stopped snickering. "This was before everything and it wasn't really a plan, per say.." I waited expectantly for him to continue, he huffed in irritation when he realized that I wasn't letting him off the hook. "I was going to use you as bait."

I stood there expressionless, mostly upset with myself for allowing myself to feel surprised. This shouldn't be a shock that Matteo would have planned something like this, to use me like that. He reached forward to take my hand but I quickly pulled away, stepping back to keep distance.

"It's not as bad as it sounds, Olive and we're obviously not going to do that anymore." Matteo explained and again tried to close the gap between us but I refused.

A cold laugh escaped my lips, "You really had me for a second." I folded my arms across my chest, "I actually believed that you were changing, that you cared about me."

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