Chapter Five

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"No." Matteo refused my proposition as I'd expected. It was just too easy. "Absolutely not."

My father had been missing since I was young, he had been everything and then one day he simply vanished into thin air. He was basically the third in command within the pack and while there was not an official title for my father's position, his importance was quintessential to Grace Pack.

Our Alpha Lorcan sent out countless search parties for him, working tirelessly to solve the mystery of his disappearance. It went on like this for the next few years, mission after mission to look for my father until one year, the search parties stopped going out.

My father slowly slipped out of memory and I was placed into a group home within the pack. People moved on and so did I.

I had to.

I mourned him as if he had passed away because that was what helped me go on everyday, it put an end to my constant state of hoping. I couldn't keep reopening my deepest wound over and over again, so I accepted that wherever my father had vanished to, he would not be making a return trip.

It had been almost fifteen years since then with absolutely no sign of my father and while I missed him terribly, I was in a good place with it all.

So when Matteo propositioned me, I knew that this would be the perfect request. It was an impossible task, after all, my pack searched for my father for years with no luck.

He could either refuse which meant I was off the hook or he could go along and it would eventually drive Matteo mad. More importantly, either option would mean he would lose his wolf; a punishment I thought seemed pretty apt considering what he did to my pack and me.

Was it bad that I was using my potentially dead father as a way to p:ss off my evil, psychopathic mate? Maybe.

But for the first time since encountering Matteo, I finally felt like I had the upper hand.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed with a small smile and stood up for the first time in a week. I was a little unstable and sore but after a moment of focusing I felt confident enough to slowly cross the room and face Matteo.

"Then I suppose I should welcome you." I announced with a bright smile.

His dark features furrowed, "What the f:ck are you on about?"

I shrugged and clasped my hands in front of me, this had to be the most satisfying moment of my entire life. "Well, if you're not going to help me find my father then I guess I should welcome you into the Wolfless Werewolf Club."

His eyes immediately darkened as they narrowed into furious little slits and yet I still carried on. "We meet everyday because well, we don't have a wolf anytime. Currently we only have one other member but with your addition, our numbers will be growing steadily. Our symbol is a really sad person crying because it totally sucks to not be able to shift and--"

"Enough!" Matteo roared and effectively stopped my incoherent rambling. "I'll help you find your father and in return you help me fix the bond."

I nodded absentmindedly as I toyed with the IV cord attached to my arm before resolving to tug it out, "Mhm, sure thing." The beeping of my heart rate also silenced as I pulled the monitor off too.

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