Chapter Twenty Nine

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i always listen to music while i'm writing & this lil tune by hozier has really influenced olive and matteo's dynamic so i figured i would shout it out. enjoy :)


There are moments in life that while it is happening, you just know that you are going to remember it. Sometimes that means it's a bad memory being created, other times is overwhelmingly good.

As Matteo blankly stared back at me after my admission of true feelings for him, I waited to learn what kind of moment I was going to be dealing with.

I didn't have to wait long because Matteo's blank, almost paralyzed face quickly contorted into pure joy. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I automatically closed my eyes expecting a kiss but he pulled my body against his and buried his face into my hair instead. Matteo held me so tightly, it was almost painful.

Somehow this was better though. The physicality and realness of this simple gesture managed to mean so much more than any kiss we'd ever shared, or ever would share I imagined.

But like all good things in my life, it was too sweet to last.

Slowly at first and then with increasing speed, a single person began clapping from behind Matteo and I. Instantly we split apart just as Devin burst out of the room with a worried expression across his face as if he was about to preemptively warn us but it was too late.

"Ah, young love." A voice taunted.

Matteo placed his arm protectively in front of me as he turned almost in slow motion to face the new arrival. Arrivals would be more appropriate however.

We were surrounded, that was the first thing I noticed. The next was even more unsettling if that was possible.

When I looked back over to the bunker, I found Ansel slipping between Devin's body and the frame of the door. His head hung low and he refused to make eye contact with me or anyone really. Ansel made what felt like the longest journey of the space between bunker to the strangers standing opposite of us and it was only after he took his place beside one of the men out front when he dared look up.

I met his saddened gaze with burning eyes. I'd saved him and he betrayed me, Ansel had lied to me the entire time. He had no intentions of helping us, it was all a farce to buy him some time until his backup arrived. I should've let Matteo have his way with him.

"So sweet and pure." The man beside Ansel grabbed ahold of his face, "Kind of like little Ansel here, such a good kid." He roughly pushed his face away and messed with Ansel's hair before stepping away from him like he was a discarded toy.

He laughed, his hand falling onto his hip where there was a shiny gun sitting in a holster. No doubt fully loaded with silver bullets. "Aww," He cooed in a syrupy sweet voice, dripping with disdain and malcontent, "Don't be upset with him, he was only doing his job when he reported you guys."

The man tugged the weapon from his holster, waving it around lazily as he spoke. "Same rules apply to me as well, I'm only doing my job, you see? It is just business."

"I'm so sorry, I had no choice. Please, you have to understand, they have my sister!" Ansel rushed out, worlds tumbling at a mile a minute as shoving past the armed man as he desperately tried to explain himself and convey his sincerity. "Don't go with Samson, the gala is a fro--"

A sharp crack pierced the sky and suddenly a red spot began to form on the left side of Ansel's chest.

Matteo's hand was quickly covering my mouth and it was only then when I realized a scream was tearing it's way through my throat as I watched the crimson bloomed rapidly across his shirt. Ansel looked down at his shirt in a dissociated state of disbelief. His eyes were glassed over as he lifted his hand to press it against the dark substance staining his shirt and lift it before his face.

Ansel stared from his bloody hand back up to me, he smiled and then collapsed into a heap onto the floor.

Matteo wrapped his arms around me, pinning my arms to my side and effectively limiting my thrashing and any impulsive actions I might have been considering.

Instead of blowing the smoke away from the barrel of his gun, Samson inhaled deeply. Pulling every last wisp of murder from the weapon and absorbing it into his system.

He glanced down at Ansel's crumpled and bloodied body, he let out a short laugh as he replaced his weapon and purposely stepped over Ansel. Just barely missing him.

"I take it back now, that was not business. The kid was just a little too goodie-two-shoes if you know what I mean. He had it coming." He smiled wickedly and yet through it all, Matteo remained unfazed.

"You've made your point, lets skip the dramatics." Matteo dryly responded as if this was one of the most boring conversations he'd ever had. As if Ansel wasn't lying in a pool of his own blood just feet away from us.

He narrowed his eyes, "Your boyfriend thinks he's some kind of comic. I'd advise you to keep your b:tch on a tighter leash, girl."

I spoke too soon.

This time it was my turn to hold Matteo back as he pushed forward and I struggled to keep him from lunging across at the man. He grinned directly at me, he knew exactly what he was doing and the position that it put me in, Samson was savoring every moment of this encounter.

I didn't care about Samson. All I could think of was Ansel's final act, he must have known the consequences and yet he had still was determined to right the wrongs he'd made by speaking out.

"He sacrificed himself." I whispered to no one in particular, maybe even just to myself. I wasn't really aware or sure.

Matteo suddenly stared down at me in disbelief, "Are you crazy?" He whispered harshly to me just as Samson cleared his throat.

"Am I interrupting something?" He used the classic sarcastic, high school teacher line and normally I would have found humor in it but I couldn't take my eyes off of Ansel's body so laughing was the last thing on my mind.

I peeked behind me, using Matteo's height to my advantage as he covered my body for the most part. Fran, Amias and Devin stood in the doorway now together, looking as worried as I did.

Samson rolled his eyes, "Look it doesn't matter to me, the boss said he wanted you dead or alive so how the rest of this goes is all on you. I advise you all to tread carefully."


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