Chapter Twenty

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fyi this chapter contains just a lil spicy aka mature content so read at your own discretion 🔥

Matteo was doing his best to act unbothered but I could see the makings of a smile working their way across his hardened features.

"Are you done yet?" He asked and after a moment more of stifling my giggles I nodded and signaled that I was ready to continue.

Before Matteo allowed me to start in on him, he walked across to me and corrected my stance. His strong hands gently wrapping around my wrists and adjusting their trajectory before moving to my waist. Matteo's touch sent shivers down my spine as his fingers grazed my midriff while he was rotating my hips ever so slightly to make my stance stronger.

I knew my heart must be pounding even louder and my face even more red than before  so I slipped out of his grasp and batted his all too attentive hands away. "I'm fine, I'm good let's just get this over with."

His eyebrow raised at my sudden change of mood but he didn't say anything of it. Matteo simply stepped away from me and waited for my first move in silence.

I'd been in training all my life, my father had made sure of that, but even after countless years of tutelage I had yet to master the art of combat. Werewolves were always so much stronger than me, it was a never ending and rather frustrating cycle of disappointment.

I swung my arm towards Matteo's temple which he easily blocked with his forearm. I lifted my leg and attempted to ram it into his stomach but he pushed my arm down and barred my leg from making any contact with my very own body.

I huffed in annoyance as he pushed me backwards. Matteo shook his head sadly, "Please tell me you were just warming up." He finished with a cocky smirk.

I threw out a series of swift blows, all of which he easily dodged while still managing to slowly push me further backwards.

Even though I was technically on the offensive against him, Matteo was the one that was driving me back holding all of the power in the situation. I scrambled to keep distance between us as I wracked my mind to strategically plan my next move against him.

"You're thinking too much." He explained as he pushed his hand forward and made light contact with my side.

I groaned and tried to shove him backwards but he was unmovable. "So what do you want me to do, just not think at all?" I retorted sarcastically through my teeth.

Matteo raised an eyebrow, "You know what I meant."

He swung his arm out and instead of engaging into combat with me, Matteo looped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. I pressed my hands against his chest but it seemed like whenever we trained it ended up in very precarious and similar situations.

"I thought you wanted to see what training I had, not this again." I pushed against him, trying to ignore the fact that underneath my hands were those incredibly intoxicating muscles of his.

Matteo didn't budge, it was aggravating how easily he held me immobilized. "Alright, lets see what you got then." He looked over my shoulder, his eyes mischievously finding something behind me. "Get out of my arms by the time I get to the creek."

My head whipped around and sure enough Matteo was already walking slowly towards the calm little body of water. I immediately started thrashing around in his grasp, my hands wrapping around his forearms as I tried to pry him off of me.

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