Chapter Thirty Six

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My head was pressed against Matteo's bare chest, his steady heartbeat pounding softly against my ear as he dozed off underneath me. His arm was wrapped around my torso and my leg, draped across his body.

We were intertwined physically but in another sense all together, emotionally. I meant it when I'd said that I felt the bond, or felt something pulling me to him and us. This feeling of complete bliss in a situation of utter chaos and hopelessness was what it was all about.

Definitely worth all the fuss.

My eyes had long since adjusted to the darkness of the small room and I was able to peer up at Matteo without fear of being caught ogling.

Honestly, if someone two months ago were to come up to me and tell me that my cherry would be popped by the dark alpha from Malice Pack while we were imprisoned in my not-dead, evil vampire mother's lair...I would have thought they were positively mental.

But, I mean, having the sexual intercourse while we were prisoners and more importantly perhaps, right after I've learned of my impending death is kind of mental.

When Amias found out about Matteo and I, which he undoubtably would, I'm sure he would lose his mind as well.

Oh f:cking sh:t.

I flew up out of the bed, Matteo's arm that had been slung across my body was rapidly pushed off of me. He woke with a start, staring quizzically up at me with a tired look strung across his features.

It tugged at the more emotional side of me for a split second, even big and bad alphas like Matteo needed rest and right then , I could tell the past days were taxing on him.

But this was about Amias, Fran and Devin...Where the hell were they? Were they alright? Were they alive?

I hated to admit it but they definitely slipped my mind after the rapid procession of events that had just taken place. And despite the fact that I wanted nothing more to lay forever in Matteo's arms like this, my friends needed me just as I had needed them.

"Matteo, we have to get to them, we have to help." I exclaimed, twining my hands through my hair. What kind of friend was I? I'd completely left them to fend for themselves.

A lousy one, that was for sure.

Matteo was expressionless for a moment as if mulling over our shared neglect when suddenly his eyes nearly popped out of his skull. "Jesus, Olive, your neck."

My hand flew to the juncture of skin where I was certain there would be the grisly wound of the mark baring down on my skin but there was nothing.

Matteo sat up from the bed and carefully, as if I was made of the finest glass, cupped my neck in his hand as he drew me closer for a better look.

He shook his head, clearly as bewildered as I was and leaned back away from me. His keen eyes raked over my face, searching for something I wasn't sure of, I slowly pulled the sheet around my body all to aware of his prying stare to which he rolled his eyes.

"It's not like I haven't seen it before now, Olive." Matteo chided me softly but I wasn't having it, I held the fabric closer to me.

"This is serious, your handiwork has suddenly disappeared in a matter of hours, Teo. That isn't worrying you in the slightest?" What the hell did this mean?

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