Chapter Twelve

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The Ardor Pack was widely recognized for their strong connection to emotion, particularly that of passion and enthusiasm. We were instructed that their wild nature was dangerous, being as open and passionate as they were could only result in trouble.

The more and more I thought about it, everything made sense. Of course, Matteo would be interested in the alpha of the Ardor Pack, Isabel was probably everything he was looking for and then some. It might be that Isabel's preference was murderers, maybe that was her thing but it certainly wasn't not my type.

I told myself that I didn't care about Matteo and that whatever he did with his life, or whoever, would be more accurate. Because I truly didn't.

Amias walked along side me and gently nudged me with his elbow, "You're turning green." He did his best to conceal the enormously smug grin from his face but the effort was poor.

I scoffed softly with indignation, "Hardly."

"Mhm, sure." Amias nodded sarcastically, clearly not believing my denial. "So, since you're not going to give me a juicy admission of guilt you're going to have to entertain me some other way."

Honestly, every minute I was around Amias it was more and more difficult for me to believe that he came from Malice, he was the exact opposite of...nevermind.

"Alright," I tucked my dark hair behind my ears, I dimly remembered Amias mentioning to me in the car during our first encounter that he had a mate, "How did you meet your mate?"

Instantaneously, Amias' eyes lit up, he struggled to keep himself from bouncing up and down it seemed. "Felix." He said his mate's name dreamily, breathing it out with a lovestruck sigh. "It was that cliche moment that every wolf dreams of, everything was absolute perfection. We met when were both seniors in high school, these kids were roughing me up and shoving me against a locker and Felix ran over to my rescue. He pulled them off of me and offered me a hand and the moment our hands touched there was this intense spark that ran through my entire being. I knew from then on, I would spend the rest of my life loving that man."

There was goodness and hope in this world after all, certainly not for me but Amias' wonderful tale of finding his mate was definitely affirming to the rest of the population who weren't facing impending doom. "That's magical, Amias. I am so happy for you."

His giddy smile faltered for a split second, "It was like Felix and I were on cloud nine until the rest of our pack kicked us out after they discovered we were together and in love."

Immediately I glared over at Matteo's back, "He kicked you out for being gay?" I knew Matteo was bad, no doubt one of the most awful people walking the earth but that was definitely an all time low for him.

Amias quickly shook his head and signaled for me to lower my voice, "What? No, no, Alpha Matteo took us in when no one else would. He gave us a home in Malice."

He picked up on my confusion easily, "Alpha Matteo gave us all homes, he took us all in."

"All?" I asked slowly but things were falling into place on their own. It made sense really, that would explain why everyone in Malice seemed so drastically different from one another.

Amias slung an arm around my shoulders, "Sure, there are some original Malice members but once Alpha Matteo was voted in alpha, he opened his pack to those in need and created a stronger Malice Pack with a diverse population of wolves form all packs and walks of life." It was an explanation but it did nothing to help alleviate my questions. "Has he not told you any of this?"

I shook my head.

"Alpha wasn't born a true alpha wolf, we vote on our alphas in Malice. He was just an ordinary wolf with an eye for strategy and a soft spot for those in need until he was voted into power. Ever since then, he's easily become the greatest alpha in Malice history, certainly the greatest wolf I have ever encountered." Amias continued on and on about how great Matteo was, it was as if he was conveniently forgetting what Matteo was really known for.

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