Chapter Two

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With a single large hand wrapped around my bruised and battered arm Matteo hauled my struggling form off of the stage and through the closest exit. Once we were out of the view of prying eyes he immediately shoved me up against the nearest gum covered wall...Right next to a dumpster.

"I will never belong to you, I will never be your mate and I will never forgive you for what you've done here." I spat out furiously upon impact with the aforementioned gross ass wall, I made sure to get my point across before he could say anything. Matteo's eyes were quickly shifting darker the more and more I continued to speak and I swear I could see a fang popping out.

Besides the fact that I could never be his mate considering I was yet to make contact with my wolf. I suppose arguing over it all was null because I could never reciprocate the bond; But I was just that repulsed with the idea, I had to start sh:t.

Matteo's hand suddenly slammed into the wall directly beside my head, tiny pieces of brick and possibly gum crumbling and falling onto my shoulder. "I am the most powerful alpha on this side of the hemisphere, maybe even the world someday, we'll have to see. But, you on the other hand, you are the exact opposite of what I'm destined to be with. You think that I want this, that I want you as a mate? You are weak, you clearly lack intelligence, you are stupidly loud, you don't come from a formidable pack and I could keep going...I mean, look at yourself."

Humiliated, furious and disgusted were just a few of the colorful choice feelings I was currently experiencing after hearing Matteo's lovely speech. I wanted to reach up right then and there and smack him across his chiseled features but my body was literally giving out before my eyes. Like, honestly, I don't even know how I was still standing at this point.

"Look at yourself." I think that became evident to Matteo as he repeated himself just as my knees began to waver on the verge of giving out. He moved his hand down from the wall and gripped the shoulder of my shirt hoisting me up. This time when he spoke, it actually sounded slightly concerned and way less judge-y.

I watched as Matteo's dark eyebrows furrowed together almost impatiently as he took in my piteous state. His eyes slowly returned back to their equally unnerving amber color. "You're injured."

No sh:t, Sherlock.

"I am? I hadn't noticed." I breathed out, my voice was hollow and humorless. I leaned my head back against the brick wall in an attempt to create as much distance between his impossibly close body.

Just as quickly as Matteo seemed minutely interested in my wellbeing, he pushed away from me with a growl leaving me to support myself alone. "Your attitude is going to get you killed." He stated bluntly with his back turned away from me.

I scoffed, rolling my eyes. "Yeah, well, you would have an attitude too if you were tortured for three hours straight in front of a pervy audience. So, fingers crossed!"

Matteo suddenly stared at me with a bland and rather unamused expression across his brooding features. "And this is my fault, how?"

I waited for Matteo to bust out laughing or something because I was certain his question was not meant to be taken seriously but the painful awkward silence that settled upon us said otherwise.

"Literally all of this is your fault, everything here! They are your pack and your men, following your orders, therefore your fault." And he thought I was the stupid one, I pushed myself off of the brick wall and moved to start walking down the alleyway to get away from Matteo and get off of this campus.

Matteo lazily side stepped in front of me, blocking my retreat. "You could have just shifted, it would've saved you from well...All of that." He gestured up and down my battered body with a condescending flicker of his eyes. Insinuating that I was to blame again.

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