Chapter Fourteen

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I was already struggling to maintain consciousness, the entire journey back up the stairs to my room was a nauseating blur. Matteo had somehow managed to get me back in one piece into my room with the only casualty being his shoes.

Once inside, Matteo propped up my noodle body against the bed post and disappeared for a few minutes into the bathroom, I heard water running from behind the closed door. I wrapped my arms around the wooden pole and held on for dear life as the room was spinning all around me, I suddenly remembered why I never drank back at home. This was by far the worst feeling ever. The worst and the best. I couldn't get Amias' Lady Gaga song out of my head so to kill time I had been humming it but when Matteo returned into the room, the stern look on his face piped my humming down considerably.

He extended his hand to me and I made the short walk over to him without making too much of a fool of myself, he snorted lightly. "You're walking like a baby deer." Matteo informed me as he added a hand to my lower back to help steady me. We got into the bathroom and the tub was filled up, "We've got to sober you up, get in."

I nodded sarcastically and folded my arms across my chest, like I was just going to casually strip in front of him and trust Matteo to be a gentlemen and not sneak a peak. Right. Like usual, it was almost as if Matteo was holed up inside of my head reading my each and every thought, "Relax, you can keep your clothes on, just get in."

I'd never heard that sitting in a bathtub full clothed could help sober someone up but then again, I didn't really make it a point to get drunk off of magical emotion cocktails on a regular basis. Hesitantly I stepped into the tub and sunk into the warm water. It felt lovely and surprisingly enough it actually did make the pounding and swirling in my head more tolerable.

Tucking my knees to my chest, I rested my head atop of my legs and looked up at Matteo from my little perch in the water. Seeing that I was secure and seemingly stable for the moment, Matteo turned away towards the door.

"Wait!" I called after him, leaning over the bathtub side trying to reach out to him. "I don't want to be alone." Obviously, because it was dangerous to leave a drunk person unattended...obviously.

He quirked an eyebrow skeptically over at me as I gestured him to join me in the bathtub by patting the toasty water. "If you don't come in, I'm just going to come out so either way--"

"Fine, just stop talking." Matteo grumbled and ambled into the tub, sitting on the opposite side from me. As far away from me as humanly possible in the enclosed space, just the way I liked it.

He leaned his back against the wall of the bathtub and rested his arms along the sides, he closed his eyes in complete relaxation. When he was like this, he appeared so serene and boyish. Without all of the scowling and rudeness, there was an angelic peace to him. I recoiled at my own thoughts, Matteo was hardly angelic and peace was the last thing on his mind. Just because he looked cute when he was trying to cut loose didn't change his integrity. Which reminded me...

"You were an asshole tonight." I informed him sweetly as I sunk lower into the water, allowing my shoulders to slip underneath the surface.

Matteo cracked an eye open, "Is that so?"

I bristled at his careless attitude, "Yes, that is so." I mocked back, "You sucked tonight and it really sucked having to watch you and your girlfriend make goo goo eyes at each other all night." Well, I finally said it.

His entire body stiffened, loosing that carefree relaxed look from seconds ago. "Isabel is not my girlfriend."

I rolled my eyes and gave a singular nod, "Well, not yet...but it's obvious you want her to be and that wasn't all that fun." I muttered under my breath as I folded my arms across my chest. I was being childish, even in my residing state of intoxication I could tell; but did that stop me from being a brat about it? Nope.

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