Chapter Thirty Five

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Matteo stopped moving, his entire frame looked pained and I couldn't even see his face in the darkness.

I did love him, I wasn't lying but the words still felt so strange to hear coming out of my mouth considering the tumultuous relationship we have had.

Perhaps it was also strange to hear myself say those words because of the context in which I was saying them in. I was a vampire hybrid recently bitten by a werewolf who realized she was in love. What a bizarre turn of events.

But the more and more I thought about it, love and death were very much so intertwined. It only seemed fitting that I lived up to at least one cliche in my life, the final dying omission of love for another.

"Don't say that back to me, Olive." His voice sounded strained, whether from anger or another emotion entirely I didn't know.

I shook my head and the most bizarre feeling of joy flooded my system. "You can't tell me what to do anymore, I'm dying, Matteo. I'm dying and I love you through it all."

Matteo finally turned around and faced me, "Olive, don't."

"It's my decision to make, I'm the one who has been put through hell and back again these past weeks." I started and pushed off of the wall, I felt my eyes watering up again and a hot tear rolling down my cheek. "I feel it and I don't need any werewolf instinct to know that so stop trying to fücking order me around in whatever time I have left and just do something about it already."

He didn't move right away, I was expecting this grandiose moment where Matteo rushed to me and we just fücking went at it against the wall but my life is hardly grandiose or idealistic in the slightest.

Matteo hesitated.

I could see the confusion and concern marred across his features even in the dismal lighting and I know it was only a few seconds of waiting but I swear those seconds felt like centuries.

But when he finally moved, it felt like time itself stopped in it's tracks.

Matteo came forward, his cadence slow and deliberate as he made his way to stand directly in front of me. He first reached his hand out, lovingly tracing the line of my jaw up to my cheek. I involuntarily caught myself leaning into his touch but Matteo's caress was all too short. Next, his hand found its way to the ape of my neck where he gathered my hair together and with a resolute tug had my head arched up to meet his.

It was sinfully painful and before I had time to really register what was taking place, his lips cascaded down onto mine. He pinned my face to his with his firm grasp on the back of my head but it wasn't enough for either of us. Instantly, I threw my arms around his neck and with his free hand he scooped me up and locked my legs around his waist.

Matteo released my hair only to focus on a new target, he clawed at my shirt and tore it from my frame letting it fall to the floor. My chest was painfully pressed against his as I twined my fingers through his thick curls, I was insatiable.

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