Chapter Thirty Two

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My mother was dead.

I've known this since my oldest of my memories, that was the reason there were no pictures of her around the house as I grew up. It was too painful for my father so I never got to see her or what she looked like but I understood that.

Death was an awful thing to experience all on it's own, let alone the death of someone you loved so I never questioned it.

So as if hearing an evil, vampire stranger tell you that they were your dead mother wasn't terrifying enough, it was the fact that there was no real way for me to repudiate her claim that frightened me even more.

Lysander smiled down at me, scalding every moment of my shock. "Surprised?"

Didn't even come close.

She reached out towards my face, her pale skin moving seamlessly through the air. I flinched and instantly Lysander retracted her hand.

"I'm sure you have a great deal of questions for me, I myself have to admit to being equally surprised about all of this as well. Imagine my shock when one of the illegal intruders turns out to be my own flesh and blood." Lysander cooly smiled at me and it made my blood run dry.

Suddenly a door to our side magically opened itself. Lysander stepped aside and welcomed me into the room, beckoning me in first.

I was wary to say the least. We'd already traversed quite a distance from the audience hall and the farther we moved from there it meant farther I was from Matteo.

I paused in the frame of the large oak door, the room was empty and poorly lit like most of the lair. The only exception being a lone orb sitting atop a narrow pedestal. In the gloomy dark the crystal ball had a hazy green glow to it that lit up the room.

"All the answers you seek are just a few steps in front of you, dear one." Lysander purred and I hardly noticed because I was so mesmerized by the glowing crystal.

I felt it pulling me, like a million hands suddenly were reaching out and gently tugging at every wisp of my being to step in side of the room.

Won't you come inside?

I jumped and looked up at Lysander to see if she had just whispered to me but she was no longer standing beside me, she now stood along side the orb at the center of the room.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as I stepped inside of the room and instantly the door closed itself behind me. I didn't even bother glancing behind me, my gaze was focused on the emanating green light before me.

Lysander smiled warmly and opened her arms for me to join her but I didn't need the invitation, my feet were already moving on their own accord until I was eye level with the orb.

Up close, it was even more mesmerizing if that was possible. It was a clear crystal sphere but it was surrounded by a green, almost fog like haze.

Lysander reached around me, enveloping me in her black robes and placed a spindly hand on the crystal. "Go on, don't be afraid, my child. Everything will be explained to you if you let the orb in."

Everything will be explained to me if I just let the orb in.

Answers, an explanation and an end to my constant state of confusion it's what I've dreamed of for the entirety of my life.

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