Chapter Forty - The End

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"Okay, for real this time, I think she is dead." A nervous male voice dimly broke through my groggy subconscious.

"There is no way in a million years that she's dead, she's just...sleepy." Another voice, a girl this time.

"I am a healer and I can confirm that no one sleeps for this long."

"In training—you're a healer still in training. Besides you were wrong last time and you're wrong again this time. Maybe there's a reason you're still in training, ever consider that?"

"Rude—that was just plain rude. Should we tell Alpha though...just in case?"

"Are you insane? There is nothing going on, there's no reason we should tell him—"

Suddenly another speaker broke through the two bickering voices, "No reason to tell me what?"

At that moment my eyes instantaneously snapped open and I flew up from the bed I was laying in; almost as if my subconscious could sense the arrival of Matteo. Fran and Amias were standing closest to me, she smiled warmly while Amias dramatic as ever put his hand over his heart as if he couldn't be more relieved to see me.

As much as I loved the two in front of me, I was completely and utterly transfixed by the man leaning casually in the doorway.

My mate.

We weren't in the same hospital room I found myself in when I first arrived in Malice. This room was much more dimly lit, everything was primarily black or neutral tones with the exception for the walls which were this lovely dark green color. My eyes traveled around the room taking it all in before they fell back on Matteo who stood dressed from head to toe in all black, his shirt fitted perfectly against his tanned skin and his pants clung dangerously against his hips.

I almost fell backwards and back into bed again, that was a sight I certainly would never get used to.

Amias rushed forward and threw his arms around me, crushing me against his frame. "My little Olive martini is safe and sound."

Fran cleared her throat and he sheepishly backed away from me, she gestured pointedly with her eyes towards the door.

Amias instantly understood and the pair skirted out of the room but not before he stuck his head back, "Have fun love birds!"

Fran groaned and yanked him out, closing the door behind them and then suddenly I was all alone with Matteo.

From the moment I woke up his eyes had never left me and I was nervous?

I couldn't help it but it wasn't the terrified kind of nervous more like the stupid—giddy, butterfly kind of nervous.

Matteo pushed off from the door with a smug smile and slowly crossed the room towards me but it wasn't fast enough.

I clambered out of the obscenely tall bed to meet him halfway but I tangled myself up in the blankets in my rush and I stumbled forwards and down towards the floor—a pair of arms stopped me.

They wrapped around me, Matteo held me almost as if we were dancing and it was the part where he would dip me down. I stared wide-eyed up at him, breathless and at a loss for words.

Matteo spoke first, "I have some bad news."

My stomach dropped—it seemed like bad things were attracted to us.

"The Wolfless Werewolf Club has been dissolved." Matteo said with a grin as he lifted me up, holding me closely in his arms still. "It appears that the two members violated the founding rule of the club and no longer applied for membership."

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