Chapter One

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When I finally came to, a hand immediately gripped my hair harshly and jerked my head up, forcing me to take in the scene before me and recall what had taken place. It hadn't been some sick nightmare, it was all really happening right before my eyes.

The invaders were using the auditorium's stage to parade students up one by one, no doubt for the inspection they'd mentioned. I felt sick.

Just then the man who knotted his hand in my hair yanked me up to my feet and shoved me towards the line of my peers. "Move, little pup." He growled into my ear, his words made me want to disappear and get as far away from him and his sour breath as possible.

My eyes were wide as I watched the testing process take place. They stood in a semicircle and brought us onto the center of the stage where they then forced us to shift. Just my luck.

There was a man with a clipboard who was taking detailed notes. It was after the shift when the clipboard man either sent them outside or had them brought backstage.

By the time he dragged me to the line there were no longer any others in front of me, with a final shove he sent me into the stairs. Like literally into the stairs.

There was hooting and hollering as I slowly picked myself up to climb the remaining stairs and walk onto the stage. This was it. I was going to die in my high school's auditorium in front of everyone.

I couldn't shift, not once in my entire life had I ever even felt my wolf before. I would fail the test because I couldn't do the one thing they asked and then they would kill me because who wants to deal with a deadbeat werewolf who can't even shift?

The man with the clipboard stood on the side of the raucous group of wolves, he had dark blonde hair that fell dirty on his face. I could see a vertical scar that rested across his eye as he looked me over quickly.


My heart was pounding and with their hearing I'm sure they had no trouble picking up the thundering in my chest. My mind was racing and my body annoyingly began shaking. I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

"Name? Age?"

This time when I tried to speak a voice came out, I just wasn't sure that it was mine. "Olive Ludovic, eighteen."

The girl who responded was much more confident, almost fearless, the exact opposite to how I felt in reality. I watched him scribble my information down before giving a pointed look towards the wolf closest to him.

The man, I immediately recognized as the one who originally knocked me out, the eyeless wonder. I instinctively took a half step backwards and away from him, immediately hoping both he and the crowd didn't notice my small display of fear.

But because I am me and because life loves to sh:t on me, my moments had not gone unnoticed as I wished.


This time it wasn't the clip board man or the eyeless dude, it was a collective whisper from the group. Different voices from the circle all began to chant and call for me to shift.

I stood there before them, I closed my eyes suddenly becoming religious and praying to anything to bring me my wolf in that moment.

Please. Please. Please.


When I opened them I was face to face with Eyeless and he immediately shoved me backwards. "If you're not going to shift on your own we'll just have get it out of you. One way or another we'll get the information we need, pretty girl."

I fell back onto my ass, my hair obstructing my vision temporarily as I scrambled back onto my feet. When I pushed my hair away from my eyes I noticed that Eyeless was gone, that was until I heard growling coming right behind me.

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