Chapter Nine

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"What do you mean you don't know who they are?"

"I'm not a fighter, Francis! How am I supposed to know the different scents of all the other packs if I've never stepped foot outside our territory?"

My eyes groggily open to the sound of Fran and Amias bickering, it seemed to me that they did lots of arguing when I was unconscious. I sat up from my spot on the grass, rubbing my eyes tiredly as I forced myself to wake up.

I watched Fran pinch the bridge of her nose, "You've got to tell him."

Amias' eyes widened and he shook his head vehemently just as Matteo silently approached them from behind. "Tell me what?"

Amias jumped while Matteo circled around to face him, he looked like at any given moment Amias would instantaneously collapse. "I may or may not have accidentally crossed the border into another pack's territory." He squeaked out quickly, "I woke up early to gather some more supplies for the road and I found these amazing wild chanterelle mushrooms just on the other side of this stream so I shifted and then as soon as I crossed these wolves surrounded me. I took off and I don't think they followed me but Fran still told me to tell you..."

With every word Matteo's mood visibly darkened, "That is Jack's territory." He growled out, "Noble Pack land, they don't just let people go."

I stood up and made my way over to them, "Who is Jack?" All three suddenly turned towards me, noticing my presence for the first time.

"Jack is the alpha of the Noble Pack." Matteo rather offhandedly explained to me.

I rolled my eyes, well no sh:t.

Fran snorted softly, "More like Alpha Jackass if you ask me." Just as the words left Fran's mouth, two wolves leaped through the foliage and into our clearing. She immediately sucked in a breath as the pair shifted back into their human form, clearly having heard Fran's quip based off of the less than amused expressions they sported.

Even I could determine that the first, larger wolf was obviously Alpha Jack. He had insanely blonde hair and blue eyes, it was almost irritating in a way how perfect his features were. The other was a simple wolf but he still radiated a great deal of presence and authority, maybe the beta?

"Can't say I haven't heard that one before."

Was every alpha wolf obscenely sarcastic? Were they all are this irritating?

Fran instantaneously paled and looked to the floor, while Matteo shot her a quick glare before turning his attention back to the other alpha. "We were just passing through, don't get your panties into a twist."

Jack's blue eyes narrowed ever so slightly, "Trespassing is the word I think you are looking for."

Matteo rolled his eyes and gave a mocking nod, sarcastically agreeing with the Noble Pack's alpha. "I really don't give a sh:t about what you want to call it, I just know that you don't want to have a problem with me right now. Being a dick about letting us through? That classifies as having a problem with me right now."

I couldn't imagine talking to an alpha the way Matteo was speaking with Jack. Well, I could considering how I argued with Matteo all of the time but he didn't really count because I didn't respect him in the slightest. But, Alpha Lorcan? He was someone I would have p:ssed myself on the spot, right in front of him if I ever spoke that way to him.

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