12 - Impressive

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Evening -

" Take care sweetheart...We will visit you ok" His mom gave you a warmth hug before you leave.

" Mom..why do you only care about her , Your son is leaving to but you're not even blinking ..." Jungkook said in a annoy tone making his parents laughter even you..

" Ohh my Child...Why do i need to bother about you while you're having this beautiful wife to care about you...hmmm " with that she kissed his forhead..You just kept looking at their farewell.

" Jungkook.. remember, you have to take a decision whether you wanna join to my business or build your own right ?? " said his dad. Of course yes, Which person can only spend money his parents earn, as his wish..as a grown up man, jungkook has to earn his own money and that's what his parents want to see..his successful life, as a man, as their only child.

After quite long drive you two arrived to where your new apartment situated in. Actually it can't as call as an apartment..because it's a little house with little beautiful garden. It wasn't that big place or either small..just normal..and it seems modern and beautiful. The best thing is you like it.

Jungkook took only his bags and headed to the door while you're busy with searching around. He entered the cord his mom gave for the door lock and opened it..he looked at you as you didn't notice him..he entered in side..with a huge smirk on his lips he closed the door..

After a while, you searched him but you couldn't see him..

" Aishhh...this jerk ..." You took your big size 2 luggages and walked to the door..

" Hell....A cord..." You burst in to anger because he didn't say you about any cord and now he left you outside..

" Jeon jungkook ...you're gonna die " Screaming that you knocked the door along but no really from him..seconds later you began to bang on the door as your neighbors also began to peek at your house...

" Jeon Freaking Jungkook ....Open the door....." You yelled in endless anger to kill him..

* Jungkook's pov *

When we arrived our new home I found her really looks happy for the place..For some reasons I felt happy too..My mom gave me the door cord and guess what, My pitty wife doesn't know that..Jeon Jungkook...Time to get revenge for that hardest slap she gave you..well, My Play boy asked me to do something interesting..I entered in side and close the door..After a while i heard her adorable angry voice yelling at me while her banging on the door..I couldn't help but burst in to laughter while leaning on the door.

I decided to let her stay our for a little long but when i saw It was already getting dark i didn't want to do it more and i opened the door..Next movement I saw her evilish face blowing fire at me..

" You jerk ...What do you think you're doing ??? " She snaped at me making me even laugh..

" Yahh...I didn't say something to laugh " She Held her hand up to smack on my head but i blocked her..

" Wait wait...If you're gonna use you freaking hands to beat me up...i will let you to sleep tonight out side " I Said in a smirkfull manner but it seems she didn't even blink at that..

" Well go ahead Mr. Jerk ..I will call my loving Mother In law...Definitely she will beat your ass instead " she said so arrogantly..Definitely she knows my weaknesses..sh*t

*Author's pov*

" Nooo...No need...Just come in ..It seems Our neighbors already got an idea about us thanks for your endless yells.." Saying that he pulled you inside with your luggages..

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