15- Last night ??

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* Flash back - Author's pov *

" J - Jungkook " you whispered and your hand reached his face and wiped his tears..For a movement you forgot about him , about your jerk husband..because he seemed so pathetic and it could melt you exactly.

" Why are you crying ?" You asked but he didn't replied. Seconds later he held your hands on his cheek, His hand was so cold..he kept looking at you along with still letting his tears fall down..

" What's wrong jungkook " you asked again ..what's wrong with him?? Why is he saying the same thing..because you are not gonna go anywhere...You felt weird somehow Worries..

" Don't ....Go....Please ........"

  he said again while looking in to your eyes...you couldn't ignore his soft glare..his tearful eyes seemed saying something to you as you stuck in those tearful eyes...your heart was racing up by that time although you didn't notice it. But suddenly you felt your whole body frozen in the position because what just happened. His lips landed on yours kissing you on your lips. What- What is he doing now?? You couldn't even blink because he held you tightly..his both hands wrapped aroud your waist holding you tightly... You even don't know whether you breath or not because that much you surprised and you couldn't resist but don't know why..

" Don't go " he moaned it again and next second he began to move his lips with yours kissing your passionately. What is gonna happen ?? you didn't resist him or didn't kiss him back..all you did was staying like a statue. Because your whole mind went blank..You just stayed there while feelings him kissing you..and to be honest for yourself..You didn't get mad at him as usual..After him pulled you away, he looked at you directly and suddenly hugged you making you scared more.

" Don't Go....Hyuna..I want you " that was all he said...What ?? Hyuna?? Did he think you like Hyuna...is that why he kissed you?? Because he thought that you were Hyuna...

You become understand everything little by little.. he must be having a hard time because of hyuna..because of the thing he said..." Don't go " After that you came in to your sanity again..

" J - Jungkook .....A -Are you Ok ??? " You asked because he is still hugging you and it was hard to bear his all weight on you..

" Jungkook ...Are you sleeping ?? " you asked again but no answer..few minutes later you felt that his body going so weak and about to fall down...luckily you could hold him and pulled him on to the bed..

He is totally sweating  and when you touch his forehead , it was burning like a crazy...You did everything what you can do for him and finally you fell sleep there nearby him..

* End Flash back *


* Jungkook's pov *

When i asked that what happened last night, For a movement , She kept silent like she couldn't find anything to say..like she doesn't wanna explain anything..

" Don't talk , You're sick..It's already late, I will make some porridge to you " Saying that She tried to go..exactly it was clear that she wanted to change the topic.

" It wasn't ......W- What I asked " I asked again and i noticed her eyes went blank and her expressions because darker...

" Rest well, I will make some soup for you " Saying that she left the room..

" What's wrong with her "

" And...why is she thins kind for me ?? "

Whatever i tried to remind what happened to me last night..but i felt my head is gonna explode from pain..and my body is so much weak..I rest my self on the bed again.

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