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"My 1st Class Jerk Husband"

Jeon Jungkook as HimSelf -

1st class wealthy Family
Top Class Jerk
A Hot Player
Smart but Childish

You as Choi Ha Won -

Nomal Family
Warmth hearted
Smart and Kind

Park Jimin as Himself

1st class wealthy family
Jungkook's Best friend
Kind hearted

Kim Hyun na

Wealthy family
Pretty and smart
Jungkook's Crush

BTS as Themselves

And My Imagine characters, you will meet them while story updates.


Hi everyone✌️,

This is my first ever BTS Fan Fiction 😊 I thought thousands time to do this or not. Because really wanted to make a BTS imagine. Of course i'm an INSPIRIT. My Bias group is INFINITE. But i really ..really Love BTS so much❤️ Specially that Pink Princess and Alien boy and Hoby. Yes i love them so much.
But here This Story belongs to JiKook.  Jungkook as main character and Jimin. You will be main character as Choi Ha Won.

I'm continuing Two INFINITE  stories by now. You can find out them too.  So please wait for me. Please add this story to your library / Reading list😘 share with your friends.

And specially i wanna mention this, this only my fiction. Please don't compare this character with their real life🙏 I'm sorry if your bias boys here will get some bad facts or out of their real facts🙏 Remember this is only my Imagination🙏 and All are my efforts and my own imaginations.. please be honest to don't coppy them...Because i'm working hard for your pleasure!!
And there will be romantic and touching movements but no SUMTS...

I will appreciate if you read my story ..❤️ and if you don't like my story, please leave this instead Leaving Painful comment🙏❤️

Hope you guys will like my story and enjoy it. please don't forget to leave your precious comments and Votes.  And i'm absolutely not good at English. Please be honest to ignore any type of mistakes.

" My 1st Class Jerk Husband "

Love you all ❤️


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