11- Sudden decision

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After that incident, You and jungkook barely talk to each others that also because of his parents. Unless you would definitely killed him..That much you hate him by now..Day by day passed, you found something weird in his behaves,  Because usually he spend at least 4 nights out of home with Hyuna..But now He stays at home for long time and you really hate that, because of  him, you can't day out with Jimin although he asked you to spend time with him a lots of time...

*Jungkook's pov *

After i my stupid behave i did that time, I couldn't face to Howon, Because she even slapped me and cursed at me. I really m regretting now about that. We barely talked to each others when my parents around us..All the thing she doing is stay in the room when i'm not there and when i come there, she leaves. She doesn't even care about me, She ignores me like a trash...S - Such as I did at her years a go and months a go after we got married..I heard she talks with jimin so many times specially at night, What the f*ck is going with these two?? Is that bastard dating with hawon..No way..i'm gonna let her to date with that bastard..she is my wife..

* Author's pov *

True , Jimin always makes calls to you talk with you.. you're  so happy with that since you have someone to talk with and share things..because Jimin has become so close with you..But jungkook, What's with his weird behaves and feelings..is he being jealous or that because he hate Jimin and his wife which means you..

After the dinner Jungkook's parents said that they wanna talk with you two

" Jungkook , Hawon we decided to let you two live alone " his mom said in gorgeous tone making you two stuck in the position.

" What does it mean mom ?? " Jungkook questioned.

" Idiot, I meant you two can live alone without us..We already bought a new apartment for you two...." Hearing that you chocked your saliva..

" Whattt??? " You spoke up in frighten tone.

" Yes baby, We know it's hard  for a new marriage couple to live with parents...* Smirk * So, Since tomorrow you two can live in your own apartment.."

" Ok mom " Jungkook replied making you surprise.

" But..." when you about to speak up, jungkook cut you off while wrapping his hand around your shoulders.You gazed at him but there was a smirk on his expressions you can't read the mean of that.

" I know baby,  You can't pack your stuff all of sudden..I will  help you "  What hell was that he said..you felt your whole body setting on fire but no uses from getting anger at him toward his parents..

" Aww...how sweet jungkook you're " mom added with bright smile.

" Both of them remind us our past when we were young..Isn't it Darling ?? " his dad added and mom nodded.

" True ..so adorable they are together..."

" Sweet my a*s" you were cursing at them inside of yours but you can't show that. so you hardly managed to send him a fake smile.

" Thank you jungkook.." Said you.

As soon as you two entered the room all of curses turned on..

" Jeon Jungkook...What the hell do you think you're doing ?? A new apartment ?? Live together only both of us??? " Jungkook didn't care your curses,  all he did was locked the door and trow himself on the bed.

" Yahhh...You jerk ..i'm talking to you ??? " you yelled in high note, you were lucky because each room of his house is sound proof.

" Hey...Stop that...you're so noisy...It wasn't my fault or my decision...Go and curse at my parents .." He said in calm tone.. how could he behave this calm while you're setting on fire because of that stupid decision.

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