18 - I Do Remember

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"Jungkook, I'm warning you...Don't dare to touch me...! " You half yelled at him. His smirkfull but handsome face right an inch toward you as  his hot breathe is killing you and his evil eyes fixed on you.

" Why Can't I Touch you?? You're my Wife and I'm Your Husband. What's wrong with that?? " He smirked like an evil next second you felt his finger tips is running underneath your shirt on your tummy while giving you shivers in your spin..

" J - Jungkook don't ..."  You couldn't finish that...he moved so closer to you...all the time his eyes...his lustful eyes fixed on you...

" J - Jungkook "

" P- Please "

" Don't  "

" shhhhh...don't make any noise ...I want to  make my mind  fix so straight on you Hawon.." he said giving making you frozen there..
Tears almost dropping showing that how much scared at the movement..

" Jungkook "

you could only say that....

BECAUSE what he said...

" I Love you Hawon.."

what?? He just said that he loves you....You frozen there while his gaze fix on you along ...His eyes..there is something you foud so wrong ...His eyes..what's wrong with that..those eyes are so innocent..It can't be...

" That's enough Jungkook...You're too much..Don't try to play around me.." You pulled him away saying that..But this time he gripped your shoulders and pined you to the wall again making you so much scare.

" I'm not playing around you...I'm so serious...Hawon believe me I Love you...Love you so much..I'm madly in Love with you...." He screamed...So louder and his grip tightened on your shoulders at each time words came out from his mouth..You couldn't say anything..no you couldn't find words to talk because all of them swallowed in your throat.

Time skipped simply minute by minute, but you still frozen there like a statue..You don't know whether you're breathing or not.
The only thing you know is how Jungkook looks like now..You have never seen him this much serious.

" Hawon ...." He spoke up but you cut off him.

" Stay away from me You jerk.." You harassly pulled him away and turned your back at him.

" Hawon trust me...I really love you...and...and I'm sorry what have I done to you all time ...I do know how it happened or when it happened...Only thing I know is that I love you..." He explained..explained everything..

" Jungkook please stop this nonsense..I know you're lieing ..you're lieing because you lost your freaking girlfriend..One thing for sure that you can't trick on me..and i'm not gonna replace that slut's place..." You yelled..you totally yelled because you know that he is lieing...Or you wanted to believe that..

" Ohh no Hawon please...I know that I was bad..i was that jerk to cheat on you..cheat on my wife..because I had my reasons .."

" Needs...your needs right ???" You cut off him with your smirkfull laugh.

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