8- A kiss? A passionate one

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You were watching a film when Jungkook's mom peeped at room.

" Darling, Come down.......Jimin is here.." Hearing that you jumped out from the bed so happily. But why Is he here...

**Your pov **

" Hey Hawon, It's me Jimin..Jungkook's friend, you remember right ?? " Making me surprise he asked that. So yeah i also pretend like I only know him as a friend of jungkook.

" Ohh yeah..I remember..Park Jimin .." saying that i smiled.

" Hawonieee...He came here to bring you with him to the party.. " When Mom said that, I really wondered..

" Ehh?? Party...?? "

" Yes, Jungkook sent me to bring you there...Because i'm on the way to go there.." He replied making me super surprise.

" Jungkook ?? "

" Yes..Jungkook " he replied and blinked at me as i got all.

" Ok..Give me 15 minutes "

" Ok..take your time "

I quickly ran to room. Woah..How perfect actress i'm ..at the first I wondered when Jimin mentioned about That jerk. But Now I know it all because of He can't bring me out of the home at this night. And Is he talking about the same party where jungkook went?? Whatever I don't care..since there is someone else here to care about me and i'm really thankful for him.

I wore my red Tight Dress and it's too short as it reveal half away to my thigh..first i hesitate to wear it because it's too short but since it was a gift from Jungkook's mom, why should I hesitate?? I put a make up lightly and loosened my hair free..i'm done..I ran to downstair.

" Mom...We are leaving .. " I saying that i kissed her cheek.

" Wait..." She screamed.

" Why?? "

" You look so beautiful sweety....jungkook will definitely seduce for you..." She replied.

Seduce ?? Hah..My A** ..who cares about him..

" Bye mom " without any reply , I left with Jimin.

While driving I saw jimin Stared at me few times. What is he doing ??

" Jimin...Is there any problem witj me?? My dress, my appearance ? "

" Ehh...No..No...." why is he stuttering right now??

" So why are you looking at me like that..?? "

" No..It's ...It's ...Just because I wondered How Beautiful you're Hawon ...."

Omg..is he trying to make me blush...??Yes i almost blushed hearing that from Him.

" Ahh...Ummm...Thank you Jimin..." I hardly managed to hide my blushing face.

" Jungkook is Such A fool to Ignore someone like you, While he having such a beautiful wife like you, why does that idiot run after a witch like Hyuna..."

** Author's pov **

He just called Hyuna as a witch , his EX?? You wondered...what he just said. But you laughed at him.

" Why?? " he asked.

" Nahh...You know that how much I hate that Jerk ...So i'm happy because he is ignoring me...that's why i'm living so happily..So please don't talk about him..."
You replied so calmly but inside , so angrily.

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