10 - I'm Your First class Jerk Husband

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** Your pov **

" Really did he kiss me??? " That jerk, No, They must be kidding..But..." I should talk about that with him, If you did it really , You're dead freaking bastard Jeon "
After everyone left I headed back to room..I couldn't stop think about that kiss and stuff they said. I found jungkook in the room while playing with his phone..

" Jeon Jungkook ...who do you think who you're ??? " yelling that i slammed the door walked toward him. He sighed and threw his phone away with a frowned look.

" What ??? " He yelled back.

" Did you kiss me??? "

" Yes..."

What ??? This jerk....you're dead jungkook..

" How dare you to...." I couldn't finish it because he jumped off from the bed and next second i found him right toward me inches away...

" I kissed you and what's the problem ?? " ridiculous ....is he asking me about the problem?? Of course it's a huge problem..

" Yahhh...You not only kissed me but also lied me...You're such a jerk..why - " i couldn't finish it..

" Of course yes...i'm that jerk to kiss you and lie you about that...since i'm a jerk , why can't you let it go...As always you say,A first class jerk like me always do stuff like that...."

Saying that he Walked ahead passing me to the door..

" Yahhh....you jerk Go to Hell "

With my endless curses he stopped and gaze at me, I don't know why but I scared for his glare which i couldn't find the face of that..

" Hey, better you stop this...I won't think twice to kiss you again to shut your freaking mouth Mrs.Jeon "

saying that he left leaving me there in a stuck position.

What?? Yahh...Jeon jungkook , Wasn't it too much..you won't think twice to kiss me again to shut my mouth?? Ahh...Ok...try it and you will die, I won't hesitate to break your neck at the next time..

** Author's pov **

Few days later -

At evening you helped Jungkook's mom to make dinner..Jungkook arrived home and directly headed to kitchen and took a water bottle in fridge...

" Jungkook , take a shower and come down for dinner..." Whe he about to leave , his mom exclaimed.

" I'm not hungry " Saying that he directly headed to room.

" Oh my, what's wrong with him?? " mom asked from you, you shrugged your shoulders.

Time passed, everyone were taking dinner but jungkook still didn't come..you didn't care whether he is skipping his meals or not..because you're so comfortable comfortable when is is not around you, specially when his parents around you, because they usually ask questions which makes you speechless..

" Hawon, Darling...Why jungkook isn't coming here...?? " his mom asked when you finish your meals and about to go to watch your favorite drama Hospital ship.

" Ummm...I don't know mom..." You replied in a worried expressions but inside, no you're not.

" Go and check what's wrong with him?? Did you guys fight?? His face looked worried last time " Mom asked with a smirkfull smile.

" Ehh??? Ok...mom " saying that you headed to upstair.

" Eishhh...what's wrong with this man...My sweet Minhyuk .."in that cry position you banged on the door and came in side of the room.

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