29- " Can't you Love me? "

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Your mind ran to last night, Jungkooks' mom came to see you..You began to think about what she said...

" Honey?? " you were laying on the bed when you heard moms' voice.

" Mom.." you couldn't even speak up, tears almost burst out.

" I know....." she said in a low tone and hugged you..

" It happened because of me...I'm the reason that why jungkook ends in this kind of situation..."

" I don't know about what are you talking...But all I have to say is be strong and take care of Jungkook..Remember what doctor said... If you you put n effort on him..he will definitely wake up.." Saying that she kissed your forehead.

" I will mom...I will make him wake up...I need him...Unlike past..." when you say that mom questioned..
Because you said something unnecessary.

" Nah..I mean...I need him..I can't live without him...." You said through tears.


It has been a week...Everyday you went to see jungkook..whenever you see him, you felt like burning your inside..But you have nothing to do, That's why you decided to do everything what you can do for him.. As his wife.... You felt him so much, the one who sacrificed his for you is not that jerk, he is Jeon Jungkook...Your Husband..you felt in that way... Does it means that have you fallen him??? Nothing you thought so far...only you wanted to see him as before..

" Jungkook ..." you called his name, But no response.. The only you could see is jungkook laying on a bed with the connection of some machines..

You walked toward him and sat on chair beside the bed and held his hand.. This thing, you have never done, because you hated him that much as not to touch him.

" Jungkook...you have to wake up...I can't let you be like this...."

Tears rolled down on your cheeks..

" Wake up and bully me as you used to do..It's ok....I would love to bear them all that see you like this..." Saying that you hugged his hand..
The person you didn't want to even see has become the person you mostly want to see in your life, how destiny comes...

Time Skipped -

It has bee 3 mothes since the day he turned to a coma. Day by day you came to see Jungkook and most of the time you spend whole the day with him, talking to him although there is no response from him..  Doctors and some of hospital staff members also become friends with you. All the works of jungkooks' you did by yourself such Wash him,change his clothes..

One day,

" Hawon " you heard a familiar voice.

" Jimin..." you spoke up happly seeing him.

" How is he doing now ? " He asked.

" hmmm.." you sighed as Jimin got all..

" I'm going to crazy Jimin...He is no gonna wake up.." you said holding the tears.

" Nahh Hawon...Wait..You have to wait until the time comes.."

" Which time Jimin.
it has been 3 monthes...."

" you know what ? I hate myself so much for beeing like this...this is so hard... I can't watch him like this...I hate myself ..because .."

Jimim cut your words.

" Don't say that you hate yourself Hawon, Because of him..It can be gone in an instant...Be thankful about what you have...because you will never know what will happen next..right.." Saying that Jimin rubbed your Head..

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