4 - Jerk him

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Next day you woke when sun light began to hit your skin. You got up from the bed expecting to see Jungkook. But he wasn't there..You checked your phone whether you have a message from him or not, but there was nothing you could see. You took a quick refreshment and headed to the hotel buffet aria. Your phone began to ring while you walking there. It was your mother in law and Jungkook's mom.

You - " Hello , "

JK'Mom - " Hawonieee , you're already woke up?? "

You - Yes..I'm

Jk'mom - Jungkook , I tried to contact him but failed, where is that stupid boy?? Still sleeping ??

Your expressions changed wider coz you even don't know where is he.

You - Umm...He is Taking a shower

Jk'mom - Awwhh...Ok darling , I'm hanging up..Enjoy well..I want to have my grandchild soon..So, Asked jungkook to call me as soon as he headed out..

Your words stuck in your throat and caugh a bit.

You - Umm..Ok..Bye...Mother in law

You quickly hung up the phone.

**Your pov**

I was about walk to a table but I stopped when i saw jungkook walking a bit far away from me.

" Hey...Jungkook ..I'm here " I screamed but he didn't hear me.

" Ahhh...Where were he all the time..?? I'm the one who is getting trouble here because of you and your mother " I began to walk after him. He walked in the an elevator but i couldn't enter with him. So a used another elevator there. I pressed the button to the floor where our room situate. As soon as i walked out from the elevator , i saw him walking ahead passing our room. It was a bit curious. So i decided to follow him since his mother wants to call him and i don't want to lie at her.
He walked along and stopped somewhere towards another room. without knocking , he opened the door and disappeared in to room.

" Hah..You got another room Mr. Jerk ...That's better ..so much better " I walked there and knocked few times but no respond. I took my phone and Make a call to him. I tried few times and finally he answered. But instead hear his voice , that was some else cursing at me and it was a lady.

**Author's pov**

" Who hell are you bi**h ?? "

" What?? I'm the one who suppose to ask that since this is someone else phone " You said in a bit anger.

You spoke up again but no reply you found. But suddenly the door opened revealing jungkook's face.

" Why ?? " The only thing he asked was that.

" What?? " you asked back.

" I'm asking why are u here?? " he frowned. You saw a lady walking toward and hugged him behind while giving you a gape mouth.

" Who is that darling ?? " That lady asked and when she saw you, she began to laugh. It was Hyuna.

"Haha...your pitty wiffu..."

You ignored her since you don't care about that.

" Umm..I'm here because your mom called me and asked about you "

" So ?? " jungkook smirked.

" You better call her hurriedly coz i don't wanna make lies at her saying stupid things " you said in a most angry tone as sent you  smirk.

" What stupid things , just tell her the truth " Jungkook replied and your face set up to burn of anger.

" Look jungkook, I'm not willing to make stupid arguments a jerk like you..It's ok you not care about me, but please call her, she worries  about you " You exclaimed.

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