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My 1st Class Jerk Husband | Jungkook × You • BTS  [✔️] by wowwhangel
My 1st Class Jerk Husband | Jungko...by 🌟Angel🌟
"Jungkook, I'm warning you...Don't dare to touch me...! " You half yelled at him. His smirkfull but handsome face right an inch toward you as his hot breathe...
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Bts as father♥ by ssk_jungkook
Bts as father♥by jimin_pabo
Bts as father
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The tutor by katayoon_malik
The tutorby 🌻💫Nell🦋💛
یونگی به شدت به یه معلم ریاضی نیاز داره تا ریاضیو پاس کنه.جیمین دوستشو بهش پیشنهاد داده.چه اتفاقی میفته وقتی یونگی شروع میکنه به پیشرفت دادن احساساتش نسبت به معلم مرد ری...
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🔹Blue Blood🔹 by anna_savage
🔹Blue Blood🔹by anna_savage
🔹Blue bood... The rarest blood of them all🔹 Jeon jungkook a fox hybrid. is abused by his father and hated by his mother. what happens when one day he decided to...
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sweet love-kth  by filyafiranti
sweet love-kth by fil
•Cinta itu apasih kadang nyesek kadang manis auah ribet-shin
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بَديِل _ جونغ هوسوك  by MArooHEel
بَديِل _ جونغ هوسوك by بـــيـــلــي 🖇
-قالت لي أمي ، أن من يكذب مرة ، يكذب مئة مرة ، ليٌخفي كذبته الاولي - ماذا سيحدٌث عندما يتم أستبدال جونغ هوسوك ، عضو بانقتان بعضو أخر ..!! Alternative _بَديِل _جونغ ه...
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BTS as BABIES SCENARIO!!!!(slow updates) by ssk_jungkook
BTS as BABIES SCENARIO!!!!(slow up...by jimin_pabo
Bts as babies
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Testament of Youth (By Sugamins) by Elensteil
Testament of Youth (By Sugamins)by Elensteil
Summary: Brotherhood [bruhth -er-hoo d] Noun. 01. The condition or quality of being a brother or brothers. As time passes on things change, as is the cycle of life. With...
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We are 8 (Si Estuvieras En BTS) by NinnaW
We are 8 (Si Estuvieras En BTS)by Nina W
Historia y situaciones si estuvieras en BTS! Tengo pedidos abiertos! Mandenme por mensajes!
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ROOMMATES || KTH[FF] by bighitvkookie
ROOMMATES || KTH[FF]by キム・テヒョン
"T..tae what are you d..doing p..pls stop" You stuttered taehyung smiled at how cute you were with a smirk on his face
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VAMPIRE HEART | Kim tae hyung • bts by wowwhangel
VAMPIRE HEART | Kim tae hyung • btsby 🌟Angel🌟
" Promise me.... don't Kill her....." That female voice was running in his memories. Referring the past. " You know that I can't keep promises ...."...
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The killer academy [myg]😁 by Nene_Black
The killer academy [myg]😁by Nene_yoongi_🥴😍😁
You ran down stairs quickly but you was stopped by your mom"sweetie aren't you going to eat breakfast ". "Yes mom" , you said as u sat down and ate b...
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Run. by faunchild
Run.by faunchild
They are fed up with the government and their rules, and they are about to show it
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Young Love by BTSJhopeSUGA0
Young Loveby BTSJhopeSUGA0
"You don't remember Me!?" Your heart shattered......Jungkook Fanfiction This is my first ever FF so please give me feedback
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a new idol. A kpop idol. by DannickyaJoyce
a new idol. A kpop idol.by Dannickya Joyce
Bad at description sorry but I promise you it's..........interesting None of the pic, videos, companies or BTS or there manager I own so please enjoy btw this is my firs...
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Make It Right -Min Yoongi [Wattys2019] by Dara-Dreaming
Make It Right -Min Yoongi [Wattys2...by DARA-DREAMINGA
Cuando la recién graduada, desempleada y torpe Maya es mandada a Corea para fingir ser una publicista , no espera tener que trabajar con el arrogante, terco y muy malh...
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SKULDUGGERY  by DarkerthanLily
"I don't need bodyguards, I'm not a princess" I said. he moved inches closer to me and whispered "Don't go and drop your level by a mere princess, you're...
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My Dreams by ringgaputry
My Dreamsby ringgaputry
Akankah mimpi yang bisa dibilang mustahil jadi kenyataan
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jhop is luv jhop is live by jxhopxisxmyxhop12
jhop is luv jhop is liveby jxhopxisxmyxhop12
jhop is so kawaai XD i heart him he iz my bias so i write a stories abutt him fall in luv with me enjoy bon appetite
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✨ by jojikookbamjae
by WriterJ
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