20-" I will prove "

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From previous chapter -

" Yahh...What.." This time you couldn't finish it because ge dragged you to him more , breaking that small gap between you two as you nose touched his. This is something you hate to be happened.. Watch him this much close is something can make you scare so much..but yoi don't know why..

Jungkook...now he is staring at you while your eyes became bigger and bigger ..he clearly saw that..How  innocent you look like now.

" Do i need to do this always to make you silence..?? " he asked making you snap out.

" What....I..."  you couldn't finish that because .....

" Jungkookieee "

Both of you quickly gazed at the person who is staying beside the door with a huge smile on her lips. Yeah ..that's one and only jungkook's mother.

" Opps...wrong time " She fake  coughed.

" Ohh mom..." saying that you quickly stood up.

" What brought you here mom " jungkook asked.

" Ahh...It's Jimin..." when she said that, Jungkook snaped out like he heard the world going to destroy...

" Jimin...???"

" Yeah...he is here and waiting "

Jimin...It's jimin...Your Mind ran back to last night. You totally forgot him..what was going to happen between you and him and what really happened last night. Jungkook even punched him and you didn't even asked whether he is ok or not.

" Owwwhhh..Ok mom..he will come " You replied while looking at jungkook.

After Mom left. You were about to  going downstair and meet him. But you stopped in the position because jungkook suddenly  gripped your hand.

" where are you going ?? " he asked in an evil tone.

You didn't reply but tried to loosen the grip. But no way.

" I asked, where are you going ???" He raised his voice and it was super evilish.

" To meet Jimin " You also replied in a kind of evil tone and pulled his hand away.

Few minutes later, you found Jimin at the living room. While you're stepping down, he kept looking at you in quite weird way.

" Jimin..." You could only say that, because he grabbed your hand hand walked out side, to the garden. You got quite shock. But didn't say anything and lead his way.

" Are you alright ?? " when he stopped. He held your shoulders and asked that so sudden making you gasps.

" Y - yeah...." you managed to reply.

" Huh..." he sighed.

" But...Jimin ....I'm the one who should asked that from you..." When you asked it in a sad tone, he smiled in the coner on his lips.

" Yeah...There is nothing to smile here " You screamed as you noticed that.

" Look...What happened to your lips .." You touched his lips, his thick lips that got punched by Jungkook. It's quite swollen.

" It's ok...I'm Ok..." He said in a joy tone although he is in a bad situation. The he started to ruffle your hair.

" Yaaahh...Stop that..." you screamed.

" Nooo " Jimin screamed.

" Stop it.." This time it wasn't your sound but it was jungkook. And both of you didn't noticed him.

He gripped Jimin's hamd and pulled away. At the same time gripped your hand and dragged you to his side. To be honest you got super startled by his action.

" Where do you think you're ...? " Jungkook yelled at jimin.

" Jungkook " You mumbled.

But he didn't care you.

" I'm asking ..."

Jimin cut off him.

" I know that i'm not allowed to be here..but..."

" But......?? " Jungkook asked.

" But i came here it meet Hawon " he said. And next second jungkook began to laugh.

This time you got more startle. Because something bad can happen again.

" Can I ask that what is reason that why do you wanna someone else's wife, MY WIFE....?? "

" You know the reason " Jimin said with a cunning smile making jungkook more anger.

" No i don't know..Can you please mention it..?" Jungkook asked in an evil tone.

" Because ... "

" Jimn...." You interrupted.

" Please leave " you said. Because you knew what was he going to say and what will be jungkook reaction after that.

" Hawon...?" jimin asked.

" Didn't you hear her..Just get lost " Jungkook said.

" Jimin please leave..i will call you right " you said while trying to get release fron jungkook's grip.

" Ok...Take care " He said with a smile making jungkook more anger but you didn't respond.

After that jungkook dragged you with him but didn't loosened the grip.

" Yahh..Let me go " you yelled.

But he acted like he didn't here.

After that both of you came to the room.

" You......" Jungkook Screamed.

And you...yes..you frozen in the feet because the way he yelled at you.

" Don't ever let me to see you and that bastard together again..Don't ever try to meet up him again..don't ever talk to him again..Don't ..."

" Why...? " you asked.

" Just why?"

" I Love you and that's why..." Jungkook replied so impatiently.

" So funny..Saying I Love you to someone whom you don't love is such a freaking joke jungkook. That's enough. I'm not in the mood. " Saying that you pulled his hand away and stepped to the bathroom.

Jungkook...he just kept standing there, and his face, his emotions are showing how much angry he is...

Jungkook's pov

" I love you Hawon..That's it..And i will prove it...See..."



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