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Jungkooks' pov

We came home together, Hawon didn't leave me although she got mad at me in Jimins' place. We took a taxi and came home, she didn't even say a word until we came home. As soon as we came home she ran to find my mom. I didn't try to talk to her but let things to be cool..

" Jungkook " my dad arose his voice when we had the dinner.

" Dad? "

" How do you feel now? "

" Hmm..good dad.."

" So, how about comming back to office....? " when dad asked that, I saw Hawon gazed at me like forcing me to say no.

" Mmm...it's ..." I also gazed at her without letting her know.. I could clearly see her expressions.. That should be, she doesn't let me to do things by telling that I shouldn't get tire.. but actually I'm ok now, because 3 days a go, my doctor said that I can start my works back as normal..

"Mm..Fine dad...It will be a change for my life style... It's boring to stay home all the day.." Wowzz" ....It has been such a long time for the last time she sent me such a death glare...haha..that's mean finally I got her attention...

" Is it Ok Jungkook ..? " mom also asked and I nodded saying ok..Suddenly Hawon stood up..

" Why Darling ?? " mom questioned.

" Mm...I lost my apatite mom.." He replied with a weird face.

" Omy, Why is that...? Are you ok? " mom got a little afraid and asked again.

" Nah..mom..I'm Ok..Just a little headache..." Saying that she left.

" Why so sudden? She was doing good all the time? " dad questioned from me.

" Ahh...yeah..She said it's a little head ach..." saying that I also followed her to the kitchen..

I saw her helping to our maid to clean the kitchen...she used to do such things like that, that's why my parents love her a lot..

" Are you Ok Hawon..? " I asked but she didn't reply. Instead her, maid reply.

" Why young master..? "

" Ah..she said that she doesn't feel good.."

" Ohh... Miss Hawon...I can do this by myself.. Please , get reset " she requested from Hawon.

" Aunt...Can you Please be silence ...I'm doing good.." Hawon said in a quite angry tone. But not with maid..but with me.

" But..."

" No buts...."

" Jungkook... Do you want something..if not..have your meds and go to bed..."

" Ahh...yeah yeah..my meds..but where are they?? " I acted like I don't know as I want to talk with her..alone.

" Hawon...? " It's mom.

" Ah..Mom..." Hawon smiled at her.

" What is wrong with you two...did you fight ?? " When mom asked , she lost words. There for I made a fake reply. But that was my worse lie ever.

" No mom..these days she has some difficulties...He didn't do well..that's why she gets angry ..."

" What...why...is...that????..." mom changed her voice and turned to me.

" what?? " I questioned.

" Hawon...Darling ...by any chance ...are you...pregnant ?? " what did she ask... I couldn't stop from laughing while watching Hawons' fire blowing face at me.

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