25 - I knew it

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** Author's pov **

You two came back to the home after your so called honeymoon trip..It was your choice to come back after that horrible incident happened. But you forgot the most important thing and what's that..It's Jungkook's mom..It was suppose to be one week of your honeymoon trip..You're going to have a big trouble. Because mom was the one who wanted you two to go there. But Luckily his parents weren't there at home..They had visited for a dinner. You were Changing your clothes after had bath when jungkook came there.

" Ohh Sorry...I'm heading to the bathroom " he said.

" O..k " You mumbled.

You hurriedly got in to your pjs didn't want jungkook to see your revealing body.. by all means, you hate that..

Time passed.. You two had the dinner..

" Hawon, Can we talk for a minute ? " It's jungkook, asked you that when you came back to the room..

" Mmm...yeah..."

" It's about our Hon...." he sighed.

" Nop...I meant About the trip, I am dead sure mom is gonna make trouble about that, Because it's suppose to be a week ...but we can't tell her the truth..So.....mm"

" So?? " you asked when he stopped talk.

" So just tell them that I'm the one who wanted to came and you don't know the reason..Ok? "

" But jungkook ...You will get a trouble " You spoke up since  it the reason is up to you and it wasn't his fault..

" It's ok..Just say it.." He said it again.

" But I don't want to.." you replied in a tone.

" Why?" He questioned..

" Because ......." You kept silence but you were fighting with your own thoughts..

" Because It was something up to me, More than that I don't want to see......."

" Nahh...Nothing..What I don't want to...Nothing..Just nothing "

" Because I'm the one who wanted to come back.." you finished what you were saying.

" It's ok..Just do what i said...That's all.." Saying that He headed to the couch where you usually sleep.

" Ju..." before you speak up, jungkook arose his voice.

" Use the bed..I will sleep here"

" But...I ..." Shut up and do what I asked. This time his sound was so terrible as you frightened a bit. Without saying anything, you headed to the bed..

curious about t with jungkook ?? Yeah, seems something has happened..he is acting so weird and a bit serious..This not jungkook whom he used be, this not that First class jerk husband of yours..you're coming to know how different he is now..

Next day as he suspect, jungkook's mom made a big fuss about the trip, But jungkook could make them for a good side saying various stuff as his mom  trust him..

Jungkook was getting ready to go to office..

" Are you going to office ?" You asked..

" Yeah...why?? "

" Nahh...Nothing " you said in pity tone..

" What??? Don't say that you're gonna miss me wifuu " Jungkook said in joy tone..

" Yah..No way..Don't be too confident about yourself..That's true you saved me and you cared about me all the time while the trip...But still you can't be my husband and you're just that jerk jungkook for me..Don't forget that and we are not that close as you think.." You said that along..

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