24 - Make you smile

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*Jungkook's pov*

Next morning I woke up with a quite pain in my back, But I couldn manage it. Hawon slept on the bed while I was sleeping on the couch. I really hope that she is getting better with what happened to her. It's already 8.30  but seemed she is not gonna wake up, so I didn't bother her and I wanted to make something special for breakfast, Since I'm good at cooking, I can do it very easily. After I'm done I went for a bath.
After I came back, I saw Hawon was calling my name..

" Jungkook ....where are you..."

yaaahhh Jeon Jungkook....where are you..."

" Here " I said so calmly but she seemed so startled.

" Where were you??? why did you leave me alone you bad.." she screamed like a crazy.

" Hawon...I didn't leave you, I was in the bathroom, Didn't you notice that?? "

" yaahhh.." She yelled at me again..I don't know why she behaved like that, but I found her crying.

" Hawon..Are you perhaps crying ? "

" There is nothing to cry here Hawon..be cool "

" What if that jerk come here to find me? " said Hawon.

" No way...He can't ever harm you Hawon.."

" huhh...." lots of sighs from her.

" I even had bad dreams last night... At least I couldn't sleep.."  she said

and at the end she hummed

" And you weren't there  when I wanted you to be by my side..."

But I heard that Hawon, I couldn't sleep well too, Watching you like this..

" Take a wash and come for the breakfast.."

" yeah..I'm going .......Jung ...kook..." She said in a tone.

After she came back we had our breakfast..I saw that she is only looking at foods but not gonna eat..

" Hawon..." I called her..

" Hawon " seems she is not in her sense..

The I stood up and walked near to her..I took to pieces of bread and prepared a ham sandwich. After that I took a seat beside her..

" Hawon.."

"Ahhhh " she snaped out..

" Ahhmm...yes "

" Here, Eat this..." I put that on her plate..

" But..." when she about to speak up I cut her off.

" No buts...At least you have to eat  this sandwich..Ok..you have to be strong..." I said so calmly..Because all she dis was looking at the plate with her puffy and sorrowful eyes..

" mmmm...I....wi...ll ..thank you "
She replied and began to eat it while I was watching her.."

Where is that Hawon I used to see..Where is that crazy girl who always fought with her jerk husband..? Am I gonna miss her forever..?? No...It won't...She will quickly forget these all..To be honest, I hate when she treats me like an evil..but it is better than she is being like this...I promise Hawon, I won't ever let you to have a pain like this again..I will let you to know that how much you're mean for me...

** Author's pov **

That's true, This time everything what jungkook says is true..He really loves  you, But you..you're not gonna trust him..Because After you married him, he has never treated you like his wife...There was no Relationship or love between you too..But now, Jungkook wants you to love him, trust him and treat him as your husband. Will it happen ? Who knows...

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