Hurt hearts (august alsina)

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9 months later

August is on tour and im having bad pains in my stomach so i called him to tell him and he's gonna catch a flight back to Atlanta from cali

I need someone to take me to the hospital so i called rain and xavier to take me

2 hours later i had a baby girl

And me and aug named her

Mia Giselle alsina

After aug left xavier and rain came into the room and was acting weird and i no somethings up

I asked the whats up

They didn't wanna tell me but after pressuring them they showed me a picture

It was august and some pretty dark skin girl cuddled up kissing in his tour bus

The next day august came in the hospital and he knew i was furious

Aug: whats wrong

Me: so whatchu you been up to on tour

Aug: what you mean

Me: you must think I'm the fuck stupid

Aug:what are you talking about

So i go on Instagram and pull the picture up of him and the girl the caption said me and bae chillin

He looked at me like i had to heads

Me: you no what fuck that wedding motherfucker

Aug: are you serious right now

Me: was you serious when you was willing to fuck up you relationship for a no wall having bitch

As we was arguing august mom walked in and aug walked out

Augs mom: what was that about

So i hand her the phone with the picture up

And all she could do was shake her head

Me: i feel so stupid i tired of getting hurt and having a broken heart

Augsmom: i no but first you should let him explain....omg what about the wedding

Me: there isn't gonna be a wedding any time soon

Augsmom: i cant change your stubborn mind so i wont try ,wheres my grandbaby

Me: In the the nursey

Augsmom: see you later sweetheart

As august mom left big Sean walked in a hugged me

Big Sean: i seen the picture on every media website I'm sorry love

Me: its so embarrassing that everybody gets to no my personal business even if i don't tell them I'm glad nobody knew i was pregnant

Big Sean: thats what this career comes with but you kept this pregnancy a secret real good

I laugh and i just cried on Sean's shoulder.

He pulled me away and looked me in the eyes and told me he's always here for me and when i done fucking with aug call him up

As soon as he said that august walked in

Aug: nigga she don't want you

Big Sean: o yea ask her who she been chillin with while you were gone

August just looks at me crazy

Me: were just friends aug but you have to treat me better than this before i do move on

Big sean: I'm leaving love but just when you done fucking with these fuck boys just call me up i treat your and your daughter like queens

Aug: you need to leave before you get murcked in the hospital

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