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Its 1:00 clock in the morning and me and august is sleep until i got woke up to a text message on august phone so i wake hime up

Me: gey the fuck up cuz i wanna no who texted OUR phone and why it couldnt wait till tomarrow

Aug: naw ma MY phone and i'll check it in the morning time

Me: ill be right there when you check it i'll make sure of that

Aug: man whatever

So i take his phone and its a lock on it what the fuck does he need a lock for

It 12:00 august been smiling and texting on his phone all day

Me: aug we need to talk

Aug: about what

Me: who you texting

Aug: dont worry about it

Me: i dont got time for this kiddy shit okay

Aug: me neither i think we need to take a break

Me: a break so you think you can put your marriage on hold and then come back and start off where you stop At sorry it doesn't work that way you either want this or you don't and i hope she's worth it matter fact whats her name

Aug: cheyenne

Me: the waitress how long

Aug: about 2 weeks

Me: well I'm not coming back this time so don't come running back to me i don't want you back just be a good dad

Aug: i will be but Stephanie i still love you

Me: no you don't a person that loves someone wouldn't just leave them for the freak of the week if you love me you wouldn't hurt me i could go on and one but i don't have the energy for you anymore i knew i should gave Sean a chance

Aug: thats fucked up to say

Me: i hope she makes you happy and i hope she's wife material

Aug: naw I'm not looking for another wife

Me: well I'm gonna buy a new house

Aug: why you can stay here

Me: I'm moving out and I don't want you knowing where i leave i don't even want you number were not having any communication only time youll see me is when i drop mia

Aug: so thats how its gonna be

*2 weeks later*

I moved and me and august don't talk unless I'm doping Mia off i actually like cheyenne i changed i dress more girly i wear dresses and heels everyday now i got 30 in Malaysian weave and me and big Sean is dating
Today we gotta drop Mia off

Were knocking on august door but he's taking all day to answer so i let myself in

When we got in and him and cheyenne is auguring

Cheyenne: are you still talking to that hoe

Aug: no only time i see her is when she's dropping Mia off

Cheyenne: i don't want that little brat over here

Aug: get the fuck out were done hoe

Yea i know they was talking about me and my eyes watered a little bit August didn't even defend me but why would i expect him to. august were here to drop Mia off he comes down

Aug: how long was you here

Me: i heard everything its okay

Aug: can we talk in the kitchen

Me: yea. Baby me and august is gonna talk in the kitchen real quick ok

Big Sean kisses me and said hurry up august sucked his teeth

Aug: I'm sorry

Me: idgaf about what she said idgaf about you idgaf about any of your bullshit

Aug: you dont mean that but you looked good really good

Me: i mean all of it and to think i actually liked that two faced bitch

Aug: i miss my family i hate seeing you with that little bitch i want you back

Me: lol you hilarious you throw everything away for a thot not me and if your wondering i don't miss you I'm better off with out you and my daughter is not coming back over here if shes here got me

Aug: I'm done with her she doesn't respect my family than thats it cross the lie when you speak about mine

Me: after every thing you put me threw i thought i needed you to live but i see I'm cool with out you

Aug: say that now but you'll change your mind

Me: o yea i hope she cheats on you with a basketball player

Aug: you want me i no you do

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