Oh baby baby

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* 5 months later*

Push Stephanie one more push

And i heard my baby boy cry for the first time

Dr: what do you wanna name him

Me: Aaron Anthony alsina

Mom: thats beautiful

Me: mom can you take Mia over august house for me

August still doesn't know about our son only person that knows is my mom but I'm gonna tell rain and xavier real soon actually right now i guess

Me: what y'all doing here

Rain: your mom called us!! So you wasn't Gonna tell us

Me: I'm sorry guys but i just wanted it a secret and i know y'all would of told august

Rain: so he doesn't know

Me: nope

Xavier: i know y'all aren't on speaking terms but you not telling him is just gonna make your son suffer

Me: no thats not true my son will be great

Rain: stubborn ass

*August pov*

Someones knocking on the door

Me: hey

Mia: daddy i missed you

Me: hey baby i miss you too hows your mom

Mia: shes in the hospital with my little brother Aaron .....opps she told not to tell you

Me: come on

Mia: where we going

Me: to see your mom

We finally arrived at the hospital and I'm piss nahhh matter fact fuck that I'm livid

Me: excuse what room is Stephanie alsina in

Nurse: room 225

When i walk into Stephanie's room she is sleeping

Me: aye yo Stephanie wake up now

Stephanie: omg august what are you doing here

Me: no what are you doing here

Stephanie: Mia really

Me: so is he my son

Stephanie: yes august

Me: why didnt you just tell me in Hawaii

Stephanie: because you was there with your girlfriend and i didn't want you worrying about that or me

Me: no you just wanted to make me suffer

Stephanie: okay your right and I'm sorry but can you blame me you put me through everything that i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy

Me: you no what this means right

Stephanie: no what

Me: we have to kids now thats a lot to handle

Stephanie: i no and we live in separate houses

Me: not anymore im moving in

Stephanie: what about diamond

Me: she was just a hoe

Stephanie: well i guess you better tell her the news

End of august pov

Im laying in my hospital and diamond comes barging in

Me: can i help you

Diamond: your knew what you was doing i wanted to have his baby your a homewrecker

Me: 😂😂 see honey there this line and on the right side im ctfu but on the left side is where you have me fucked up because your stupid you should of known that august couldn't leave me alone you was just a replacement to fill my shoes for a while and you don't even have cute shoe game bye little girl you dismissed

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